Fast Veggie Recipe that Tastes Great: Good for Food Sensitivity/Allergies

gut health health meal prep Jun 28, 2016

I want to talk about quick and easy recipe made of Bokchoy. Bokchoy is something I didn’t know anything about until a few years ago when I went to a really authentic Chinese restaurant. We had dimsum in which they bring little containers of food around the table and you pay by the item. One of the items that they brought on, probably my favorite item was Bokchoy!


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4 Ways to Restart a Bad Day!

happiness health Jun 27, 2016

These tips are actually from one of my favorite motivational speakers and it’s a little bit more my version today. Couple of days ago, I posted a photo on my personal page that says: Decide, today will be a great day! You can decide and have a great day but how are you going to do that?


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How to Feel Good About Yourself! The Ripple Effect of Positivity!

happiness health Jun 22, 2016

I am travelling these next couple of days because I’m working with School Food Directors for workshop. Few years ago, the USDA put some new regulations for school lunch program that they have minimum for meat and meat alternatives served at lunch, grains and breads. And they also have to serve colorful variety of vegetables each week and they have to offer fruits and vegetables each day.


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Freshen up your Weekend: Agua Fresca!

happiness health meal prep Jun 18, 2016

Just this year, I start making Agua Fresca and it’s like a fruit lemonade basically. You can use any kind of fruits aside from watermelon. I have 2 cups of watermelon and 2 cups of water and I throw some mint on it. I’m squeezing half of a lime and blend it up. You can put dash of maple syrup to taste really, really good!


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Review of my Favorite Nut Milks

gut health happiness health Jun 14, 2016

So why do people use alternative milks? Well, because of food sensitivity, food allergies and people’s food preferences. A lot of people maybe follow a paleo diet or auto-immune protocols or they may be looking for anti-inflammatory diet protocols. And at that time, they might not consume regular dairy milk.


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Dominate Tomorrow's Productivity

happiness health Jun 06, 2016

Part of being happy is being productive. Productivity is not something that comes easy to me but it’s really trial and error. I grew up not very organized person. And so I tried to work really hard to work on that. I found something lately that really helped me. So, I just want to share some of those things.


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Considerations to make when you need to get out of a FUNK: Anatomy of a habit

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2016

Seriously, habits are so powerful. Whether we’ve put much thought into it or not, I bet there are so many habits we want to develop. Habits can make or break your days.

For example, have you ever found yourself in the middle of a project that shouldn’t take long, but ends up sucking away all your spare time and energy for days? It can get you into a real funk. That was my story this week. I had a job contracted to help develop some training for foodservice directors. Although I enjoy the work, the mounting requests kept me burning the candle from both ends, inevitably compromising some habits I find vital to my happiness. I’m talking a little more than brushing teeth, but everything suffered.

Let’s face it. Habits can be the source of happiness, or the source of self-destruct mode.


But it got me thinking about a podcast I listened to on...

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Why Sprouted Grains might be an Option for those who have Food Sensitivity?

gut health health Jun 01, 2016

Sprouted grains are new niche in the market. You may have not heard about them yet but there is one company that dominated the sprout market for a long time. It’s called Ezekiel bread and they make sprouted bread.


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