Here's How to Prevent Getting Sick


If your holidays were anything like mine, you were a little out of routine, shorter on sleep and chowing down on the carbs on the buffet. And it was all glorious until the ol' immune system said "enough!" At least that’s what mine said after several days of the above scenario.

So when I got home,  I made sure to rest, take some antimicrobials that saved my butt and drink some “Feel Better” tea that made a noticeable difference in the way I felt almost immediately.

In this week’s episode of The Less Stressed Life podcast, I interviewed Mary Purdy, president of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine on cold and flu busters.

>>>You don’t want to miss this short episode for practical tips you can use to stock your cupboard and strengthen your immune system!<<<



Know when you hear about something 15 times before you actually do it?

Yeah, that was me and elderberry syrup. I knew it was highly touted to be...

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What am I giving YOU for the holidays? + Black Friday favorites + Stop feeling bloated


Thanks for joining me for this Holiday gift guide, Christa style. That's no case you don't speak code....

Anyway, some of my top picks for quick gifts this year? Actually, I'm giving away awesome olive oil and mom & pop bourbon barrel 100% maple syrup. And I'm happy to tell you where to get it if you send me a note [email protected] but here's some other ideas I've got for you: 

Smell good
Piper Wai (new & improved sticks & yes that's an affiliate link for 15% off all the time!!)
The best natural deodorant (per usual, kissed a LOT of frogs to find this gem, RIIIBBBBET).
Yes, the Amazon price is sort of disgusting. But it was 30% off this weekend on the website and free shipping. And the gift set is a phenomenal deal. You can't buy the piece of mind that comes from not applying aluminum to one of your detox pathways/lymphatic system every day AND smelling good. 

Taste good
Peppermint Snack Breaks Free2B. I bought 10 bags....

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The girl that was allergic to everything: a behind the scenes look at Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with herbalist Lesly Rae - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 016

When Lesly Rae started reacting to everything she ate or smelled and spent more of her week in the ER than not, she saw the reality that many Mast Cell Activation Syndrome clients face. It wasn't until she noticed her issues stabilizing from using the elderberry syrup she made each year that she began digging deeper into "healing" vs treating her condition. Today, Lesly has stabilized her condition from "being allergic to everything" to being able to eat whatever she wants and helps others with Mast Cell do the same. This interview sheds important light on a syndrome that is growing but not well understood.

Resources mentioned in this episode: For Lesly's herbals and help with Mast Cell Activation Disorder Yasmina's histamine site Mold literate functional medicine physician For food sensitivities & IBS, migraines, pain and custom...

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Allergen free and clean label foodie finds at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference

Ever go on a long weekend trip and come home to gain 5+ pounds? Yeah, me too. It has not been a big problem since I adopted an anti-inflammatory foundation to what I eat but this weekend? I ate a lot of things. And I’m totally not complaining. It was worth it.

And I don’t feel bad.

AND I’d like to share my findings with you.

You see, this weekend I flew to the Food Allergy Blogger conference in Denver, CO because of my friend Elizabeth, with her budding gluten-free baking mix biz, Sweet Elizabeth's Organics was one of the sponsors. And she invited me along.

I didn’t know it would be packed with deliciousness. It was like 3 years of testing new finds in the grocery store packed into one weekend. So I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE packaged food finds from the FAB con 2018.

*Note: these foods are generally gluten-free (many Celiac families or non-specified wheat intolerances in attendance) + many are Top 8 or 12 allergen free.

I want to...

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5 things that keep your child from sleeping at night with pediatric sleep consultant Tara Hess - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 015

Rough night? Are you feeling like a zombie while you wait for your kiddo to get the hint about how many hours to sleep? How do you know if your child’s sleep habits are totally off the wall or within reason? Tara Hess, owner of Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting shares 5 things that are preventing your child from sleeping well at night and answers to questions from the audience (how long do you try a sleep method? Transitioning from to a crib. Night terrors. Bedwetting. Resetting the clock after daylight savings time. Sleep needs for kids that won’t sleep through the night. How to help eczema kids sleep through the night despite eczema scratching.)

Resources mentioned: 
Sunday night Q&A: 
ScratchMeNot onesies (mentioned for eczema kiddos before we hit the record button to help with scratching): 
Less Stressed Approach to...

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Are we a match made in heaven?


DID YOU KNOW that I work with people from all over the United States and beyond to solve problems once and for all?

I get it.

You want to feel great and eat healthily but you don’t want food to control your life.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be hard. It can be strategic to get the results you want while keeping in mind your sanity and lifestyle.

DID YOU KNOW that I have a 100% success rate of 50-75% symptom reduction in as little as 2 weeks??

Say whhhaaat!

I'm super proud of that and if you're wondering if and how we might be able to work together to get you feeling happier and healthier, check out the START HERE page to see if you think we'd be a good match! 

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Dropping baggage (great episode-multilayer) with Elizabeth Durham - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 014

[Disclaimer: This FABULOUS episode is longer, but WORTH the listen!]

Elizabeth Durham, owner of Sweet Elizabeth's Organics takes us through the health problems she and her family left behind when she discovered some of the root causes of her symptoms. She also takes us through letting go of the baggage of "stuff" and all the pain we sometimes take on of others, a shocking lesson she shares after the recent passing of her father.

This episode is packed with nuggets about overcoming hardships and handling a complete pivot--in career and location, in pursuit of a less stressed life.

Resources mentioned in this show: An allergy-free baking mix company
Discount code: lessstressed <---for food sensitivity testing and overcoming related issues and gut permeability

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Are fidget spinners all hype or magical stress relief devices? + a snapshot of neurotherapy with Marc Azoulay, MA, LPC, LAC, CGP - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 013

In this fascinating interview with Denver-based psychotherapist Marc Azoulay, we learn about how stress experiments are conducted, modern day psychoanalysis, how people can overcome PTSD, nightmares and resentment with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and de-stressing with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Like any guy who owns a toy company, Marc makes this serious topic more fun and tells us all about the pros and cons of fidget spinners. Whaaaaa???? Yes, take a listen.

Resources mentioned during this episode: 

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Losing 15 lbs with sleep with Kylie Ota - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 012

Kylie Ota tried to ignore the signs of her extreme exhaustion after years of shift work, but her husband insisted she get some help after repeated “falling asleep in the chair” episodes. Today, Kylie shares her story about dealing with the stressors that caused burn out, how long it took her to rebound and how she lost 15 lbs in the process.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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Alcohol options for common food sensitivities

One of the frequently asked questions I get from food sensitivity clients after they’re starting to feel much better after working together is “When can I drink alcohol?”

It was especially popular during summer events and boating season. And it’s a great question. Like everything, there’s a methodology to reintroduction.

Let’s get one thing straight though: Alcohol does promote intestinal permeability and bacterial imbalance. READ: All sorts of hairy issues. I know, annoying. But we already knew that it wasn’t necessarily a superfood.

“Alcohol-induced increases in intestinal bacterial growth and intestinal permeability to endotoxin is expected to result in elevated plasma endotoxin levels.”¹

"The results of this study indicate that alcohol abuse impairs the function of the intestinal barrier.”²

Ideally, I suggest avoiding alcohol for 4-6 weeks (while working on sensitivities) so the immune system has had a chance...

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