What's Slowing Down your Dinner Prep?

health meal prep May 18, 2016

Proper knife skills save a lot of time in meal prep. I want to talk about how to sharpen your knife, types of knives, and how to cut vegetables more easily and faster. I’ll show you my favorite knife too!


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Busy? Overwhelmed? Scatterbrained?

happiness health May 09, 2016

Have you feel busy or overwhelmed? If you don’t insert in your day for some quiet reflection to analyze plan and think about your day, reflect on that, be grateful for what you have, then it’s very hard to re-orient or center yourself.


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3 Steps to More Productive Better Days

happiness health Apr 28, 2016

There are 3 steps that I recently adapting to try to make my days better. There are 3 things to do in the evening to make yourself productive. You need to prepare your outfit in the night. The second thing is to clean your kitchen.


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Get Stuff Done Challenge: Day 5 Sizing up your day & learning which things to let go

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2016


By now you've adopted (or started to adopt) 3 major points in productivity;

  •  Categorize (Day 2)
  •  Prioritize (Day 1)
  •  Schedule (Day 2)

Finally, if you haven't sized up your day and found your most productive time or productive pockets, consider that. Some people are most productive in the morning, when they are alone, when they are with others, when the kids are napping, when the weather is dreary, before bed....it's really up to you to recognize these cues and harness the little time pockets. Just remember, there is a difference between being busy and being productive. Focus on attacking your priorities first; getting those top few things done in any crazy day is major success. You are not responsible for everything. 

No doubt there were things on the list that weren't done this week. That's okay. Sometimes we put too much for a daily list and end up rolling with the same list for days, chipping away a little each day. Totally fine. You didn't...

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Get Stuff Done Day 4: The Power of "I"

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2016

Taking responsibility

Today, let’s take some time to continue to build on the areas we’ve already learned---targeted task items, priorities, weekly & daily lists, time chunking & minimizing distractions. Whenever you get off track, that’s all you NEED to do. Repeat the process. Make a list. Improve the list. Be real with yourself.


But what if there was a way to have more energy? To get more done? To automatically feel better & have less “hangry” moments in your day? The is the power of “I”.

Power of I

How do you fill your cup? (crickets)

Is it empty? How do you run on empty? How do you give yourself a little self-care or “me” time?

Mindset plays a huge role in what you believe you can accomplish & how good life is for you in general. In fact, your life is really as good as you think it is, right?

But let’s give lip service to the deeper physiology. The important stuff that everyone brushes aside...

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Get Stuff Done Challenge: Day 3 Distractions & Time Chunking

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2016


Hey there, over half done! How do you feel? This is all about small wins compounded over time, so if you do the “work”, you will see results! Rinse and repeat. Make the list, make it doable and star the top 2-3 priorities. Priorities push you to do something you NEED versus something you WANT. Success in a crazy day is definitely getting 3 small tasks done that MUST be done and/or also move you toward a bigger goal.

When you evaluate the previous days, can you identify where you get derailed? What distractions under your controlled can be minimized or better managed? Take a moment to think about & perhaps write down those distractions.

Need examples? Digital clutter, i.e. having 20 computer tabs open. Paperwork piles. The internet. Social media. I’m not saying you won’t have these things. I’m asking you to consider their usefulness in your life. If you want to jump on Facebook to connect, check into a group or get your news,...

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Get Stuff Done Challenge: Day 2 Priorities & Due Dates

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2016

Assess + Revise

Good to see you again! Today, we rinse and repeat. How did yesterday’s list go?

Were your items small enough?
Were there too many items on the list to reasonably accomplish?
It’s okay if you didn’t get to everything. That’s what this is about--making progress and better understanding our expectations for ourselves (we can’t complete 25 items per day!) + figuring out what is important at this time.

Were your items small enough--twenty minutes or less? Did you *star* the 2-3 priority areas? Every successful person I follow swears by prioritizing. Decide what you want, reverse engineer the pieces and make each piece a priority on a different day.   

If today's video isn't showing, click here.

Priority areas

Later in the week, we’ll talk more about letting go of some of the things things we think we need to do by rating our growth/priority areas. For now, let’s keep it simple and think about an area of your life or...

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Get Stuff Done Challenge Day 1: Plan, Assess, Achieve

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2016

Getting started

Welcome aboard! You’re in the right place if you:

  • Ever get to the end of the day and wonder what you accomplished...
  • Feel like you’re drowning in your thoughts and “to dos” and can’t get your head above water
  • Leave your projects & goals undone for weeks, months, even years at a time
  • Have a million ideas and thoughts running through your head you can barely tame them at night 

As a recovering procrastinator, busy mom & consulting health coach, the idea of getting more done has eluded me for years.

But this year, a lot changed. I started studying successful people more closely and picked up on some cues. I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts, personal development speakers and taken online courses related to this topic. Here, I’m sharing the simplified processes and systems I use and have gleaned from these influential people. You can run with them as laid out or continue to refine them as you continue to climb to...

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