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Our mission is to help smart, savvy women decrease the stress and confusion around food, fatigue, digestive and skin issues so they can uplevel their life, health and happiness through virtual nutrition services, education and products.

Our team excels at helping resolve symptoms from eczema, stomach or long term digestive issues (burping, bad gas, stomach aches, abdominal pains, constipation, diarrhea) or mental fog, aches and pains and sinus issues.

 I’m Christa, an integrative dietitian nutritionist. This (integrative) means I can speak intelligently to your doctor and your acupuncturist (or other alt provider) and bridge a plan to help you resolve symptoms safely and more quickly.

It’s my goal to help you LOVE food that makes you feel your best. My mantra is that I want to help you remove what’s causing you stress and preventing healing and add more of the things that speed it up.  

I want you to breathe a sigh of relief because you don't have to the project manager of your health, which can be difficult and stressful when its the first time navigating a condition. 

My Philosophy

I’m a different kind of dietitian. I look at your ENTIRE situation and help craft a plan that is both doable and will get you the maximum results. I like to think of myself as a nutrition detective, because any ailment has a nutrition component. When you’re running low on gas (fatigue) or your body is breaking down (aches and pains), something is missing. And it starts with what’s going in your mouth.

Think about it….in the same way taking a medication by mouth has an effect on you, the other things (read: foods & nutrients) you put in your mouth have an even a bigger effect on you.

If you’re skeptical, look at my compliments page.

I effectively help people reduce symptoms and reverse inflammatory conditions with individualized treatment plans.

This gets to the root of the issue faster and prevents scratching your head about it for years, or worse--thinking it's normal!  

How I'm Different

To paraphrase the Kennedy’s, “Some people look at things and ask ‘why?’ Others look at the world and ask ‘why not?’”

I ask "why not?"

An inquisitive mind that is always looking at how to improve a process, I began studying integrative and functional nutrition after seeing complex medical patients continue to decline in the first several years as a conventional dietitian. It just wasn’t good enough. I craved results.

Personal Experience

Like most of us, I also had my own issues I needed to heal. They were showing up as eczema and dry skin, but when the skin issues spiraled out of control, I got first hand experience at dealing with a very tricky issue that topical creams couldn’t touch. I learned that my skin on the outside was just a symptom of the complex situation happening inside my body.

Things got messy before I found the breakthroughs I needed---I learned what it’s like to be backed up [ouch] for days and cry over trying things that didn't work. I learned what was zapping my energy, how my genetics impacted my dry skin and how to heal myself properly. And keep it that way.

And that’s how I help my clients. Digging deep to find the root cause of the issues. Gassy after meals? Fatigue? It’s not normal.        You can overcome it.

In fact, most of my Fast Track to Fabulous clients reduce their symptoms 50-75% in the first 2 weeks.

As you’ve probably figured out by now (I can see you’re smart!😜), I’m not your average dietitian. I’m a no baloney, tell you like it is girl that wants you to have the vision you see for yourself. More energy, no more pain or skin issues.  I help reduce and reverse symptoms of food sensitivities, gut permeability and “it’s all in your head” diagnoses.

I love my (sea) salt and don't believe in counting calories to get what's most important to you.

Tasteless food, deprivation or mundane meal plans are not on the menu here.

Real food should be delicious and you should feel amazing.

I can help you get there.




Christa Biegler is an award-winning dietitian nutritionist, online educator, and host of The Less Stressed Life podcast. She specializes in helping others increase their performance and uplevel their happiness by addressing gut health related issues and inflammation, including digestive issues (burping, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, retaining water), eczema, brain fog, fatigue, joint or muscle pain, migraines, auto-immune conditions and food sensitivities in private practice. Christa has consulted in a variety of areas, including work with a major food company to behind the scenes for a fitness celebrity. Christa graduated from South Dakota State University in dietetics and journalism, completed her dietetic internship at the St. Louis Department of Veteran’s Affairs and has logged many hours of research and study in integrative nutrition. She is the creator of The Less Stressed Approach to Eczema and Fast Track to Fabulous programs and has been a guest on other podcasts and lectures. She enjoys coordinating the local unicycle club with her family, skiing, grocery shopping, dirt biking and visiting higher elevations.


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