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Reverse IBS, digestive concerns, eczema/skin problems, autoimmune issues, joint pain, headaches, and food sensitivity symptoms up to 50-75% in as little as two weeks.



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"Working with Christa was the first time I found someone who would dive into this with me and stick with it to FIX THE PROBLEM--and not just a diagnosis or a food sensitivity test. She investigates well and makes sure the solution fits with your lifestyle and that you still enjoy food."

-Amanda,  IBS, migraine and sinus/allergy client

 "I cancelled my appointment to Mayo Clinic next week because my pain is gone."

-Dick, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle soreness and cut blood pressure meds in 1/2 in first 2 weeks

Quit feeling like crap!

Start taming the pain and bloat from IBS, fibro, RA, migraines & more with this delicious recipe!

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Cure your kid's eczema

If you or your child’s eczema is not resolving, is one of these things at play? Find out now!

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Fast Track to Fabulous

Find out if food sensitivities are causing your IBS, fibro, RA, or other autoimmune issues.

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"I am telling everyone about your program because I FEEL SO GOOD and no more leg spasms keeping me up at night!"

-Kellie, Digestive, ear/sinus and wellness client


I believe it's EVERYONE'S obligation to make the world a better place, whether we start with ourselves or do something to benefit others.

For every purchase made on this site, a small portion goes to local causes that touch my heart, including:

  • The backpack program, which sends nourishment and snacks home with food insecure chidren on the weekends
  • My local crisis pregnancy center, First Choice Clinic, which helps moms facing unplanned pregnancies succeed in bringing beautiful children into the world and fostering their bloom.