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Tame the pain and bloat from IBS, fibro, RA, migraines & more with this delicious recipe!


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An on-call nutritionist for myself and my family.

You've got this eating thing down (food lovers unite!), but you still have some questions on how exactly to apply it to your unique lifestyle, hot messes and all. We'll make a plan for you to truly eat and feel your best--on your terms. 

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IBS, migraines, fibro or my auto-immune issues to stop dictating my life.

When our body is under stress, inflammation acts like a fire that causes symptoms. Now you can find EXACTLY what is causing the fire with a simple blood test & put it out. 

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To feel confident in my skinny jeans!

Feeling great in your own skin doesn't need to be a constant struggle. Get the top 5 secrets my clients have shared as a checklist for their success (it's probably not what you think!). Cross these off your list & jumpstart your happy pants dance now. 

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Life is crazy, right? It's hard enough trying to take care of everything and everyone at work, home and in our families, not to mention ourselves.

Plus it seems like at least 47% (or more!) of what we read online about nutrition contradicts itself.

How do you finally get it all to jive? So you're not losing your mind trying to keep up with the Jones', starting those resolutions over again or constantly chasing one-off solutions---SQUIRREL!--- and random info all over the web... 

Are you just ready to step back, find & fix the root of the issue and make some serious progress?

Well then, I'm SO glad you're here!




It would be too easy if we could just be "informed" what to do--eat a healthy diet, exercise often, get a good night's sleep--and it would just happen. Knowing helps, but isn't always enough. You deserve more. An advocate. Someone that knows her stuff and can connect you the right tools for you. 

"I have always been athletic and worked out but until I started Christa's group program, I really didn't get the results I wanted. Now I am feeling leaner, stronger, and more energized than ever. I finally have all the tools I need: I've learned how to get the maximum results from my (short & fun) workouts, what types of foods best fuel my body and feel constantly motivated by a supportive community. I am loving all the positive changes I see in myself: decreased chronic neck/back pain by 80%, no longer on thyroid medication, increased energy and patience with my kids and husband, and more."

Registered Nurse and Mom

"I freaking love science - but the research part can be a pain in the butt these days - ESPECIALLY when it comes to nutrition and health. The first time I heard Christa speak, I was BLOWN AWAY by her depth of knowledge. She is a master of her trade in a sea of jacks. As a happiness scientist, I am constantly trying to help people find systems that help make their life more enjoyable and balanced. Now, when I have a question about nutrition, instead of floundering the Internet, I call Christa. You can guarantee that if she doesn't already know the answer, she'll make it her mission to find out. Having Christa as a personal resource is easily the healthiest investment you can make."

Happiness scientist & blogger

"If you want someone who knows her stuff - you've come to the right place! Whenever Christa makes a recommendation, I know she has done all the research to ensure it's the best option. In fact, when I have questions she's one of the first people I turn to! If you're tired of feeling confused by all the conflicting information out there, Christa's balanced approach to nutrition, clear guidance and positive attitude will set you up for success."

Dietitian & Digital marketer


I believe it's EVERYONE'S obligation to make the world a better place, whether we start with ourselves or do something to benefit others. 

For every purchase made on this site, a small portion goes to local causes that touch my heart, including:

  • The backpack program, which sends nourishment and snacks home with food insecure chidren on the weekends
  • My local crisis pregnancy center, First Choice Clinic, which helps moms facing unplanned pregnancies succeed in bringing beautiful children into the world and fostering their bloom. 

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