Reduce symptoms of IBS/IBD, digestive/gut problems, eczema/skin issues, PCOS, autoimmunity, inflammation, and food sensitivities up to 50% in 2-4 weeks by finding & addressing root cause stressors. 


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"Working with Christa was the first time I found someone who would dive into this with me and stick with it to FIX THE PROBLEM--and not just a diagnosis or a food sensitivity test. She investigates well and makes sure the solution fits with your lifestyle and that you still enjoy food."
-Amanda,  IBS, migraine and sinus/allergy client


Heal digestive & skin issues

How to reduce symptoms of Eczema and Digestive issues, IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac side effects, fatigue & autoimmunity, up to 50% in a few weeks without medication. 

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Improve your child's eczema today

2 Things kids with eczema shouldn't do to relieve itching & simple swaps to make instead. 

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Micronutrient Testing Mini Program

The perfect gift for an athlete, parent or anyone trying to conceive or postpartum, comprehensive micronutrient testing and appropriate recommendations can help fill in the gaps that are causing annoying symptoms of fatigue, tingling, cravings, and so much more. 

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"I was able to travel without stress, ate out and didn't get sick to my stomach. In the past, I would have felt bloated for days and maybe even vomited. Anxiety & significant sinus issues also greatly improved. "

-Health practitioner with IBS, bloating, significant allergy symptoms; overall 96% improvement in Food as Medicine program

 "My child's skin is less dry and cracked so far, he is hardly scratching at all now and he finally sleeps through the night almost every night! 
We're all able to eat the same meals now instead of cooking different things and he is eating tons more foods."

-Mom of child with eczema that had 84% improvement in skin, sleep, emotional behavior in 8 weeks. 

 "I cannot believe how great I'm sleeping! I'm so pleased by every new level of progress as I continue to heal. 
I no longer have blood in my stool. Before, if I had an "episode" I would have been knocked down for days but now I'm regaining energy and feel like myself again!"

-Ulcerative Colitis client with 89% improvement in 12 weeks

Less Stressed Life Podcast

What started as "stress" being a synonym for "inflammation" has turned into a mini radio show that covers a range of topics from how to be happier, reduce stress, improve energy, integrative nutrition, gut health, reducing inflammation and any topic that helps you live your best life. 

Available on desktop or on your favorite podcast app--ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play & Spotify.  

Here is one of the most popular episodes: 
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I believe it's EVERYONES obligation to make the world a better place, whether we start with ourselves or do something to benefit others.

For every purchase made on this site, a small portion goes to local causes that touch my heart, including:

  • The backpack program, which sends nourishment and snacks home with food insecure chidren on the weekends
  • My local crisis pregnancy center, First Choice Clinic, which helps moms facing unplanned pregnancies succeed in bringing beautiful children into the world and fostering their success.