Sugar substitutes: good, bad or ugly? + Guilt free 3 ingredient peanut butter "cheesecake"


This week on Facebook Live and Periscope I made a quick peanut butter "cheesecake" snack.

  • 3/4 c. plain Greek Yogurt (I like Greek God's, Chobani and Fage for sour cream substitutes & they work well for this too). 
  • 2 heaping teaspoons of powdered peanut butter (plus just enough water to mix the powder in smoothly)
  • 5-10 drops Sweet Leaf Stevia Vanilla Creme

If you put it in the freezer for a couple minutes, it will firm up a bit and give you more of a cheesecake texture. I haven't had great luck with it freezing though, depending on the brand of Greek yogurt I've used. So if you're going to forget about it, maybe just eat it right away. :)

Let's talk a little about Stevia. You can probably buy this plant at your local greenhouse every spring. I haven't done this yet because I kill plants on the regular, but it would be a fun experiment. When I interned for a major food company after college, I spent several days with the corporate chef. I remember helping prepare a meal...

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Talk garlic to me (and give me an easy, healthy side)-- Time for kale salad


Kale, EVOO, lemon juice, garlic, red pepper flakes and hit it with parmesan cheese. Listen in for some chat about garlic.

This recipe is a winner for make and take ahead because it's not "fussy". Kale does super well when dressed ahead, because it doesn't get soggy like other greens. It's stiff to start, and there's actually something called "massaged" kale, where the oil helps break down some of the rough fiber so it's more pleasant to eat. Fancy pants. I attempted this once and was accused by my 11 year old, "You treat your kale nicer than your children!" It was joke. I think.

This video was originally a Facebook Live video at

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3 Keys to Loving Your Job as a Health Professional

Last year, after 5 short years, my career started to feel a little mundane. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE health & wellness. I love being a dietitian. I love making my own hours as a consultant. Promoting health is an area of major necessity and presumed job security. Exhilarating stuff, right?

Wake up, commute, see clients, chart, go home. Start over. I did not wake up with rainbows shooting out of my butt excited to go see my patients. Why? Because the type of clients I was seeing HAD to see me as part of their care. They did not choose it and many did not value health as a whole.

But that was partly an excuse. I simply wasn't on fire for the type of work I'd fell into years ago. It's challenges were become more predictable and I was becoming jaded.

There's a lot of reasons being in the health & wellness realm can get a little disheartening. Change is hard. Sometimes people aren't ready to change. (Insert many more excuses here). The solution? Overcome those excuses by...

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Finding motivation by punching out the pain of others


I shared these raw emotions on my Facebook page recently, and it spawned the beginning of a series, #30daysofintention, cataloging a journey of mental and physical change beyond myself. If I can add you to my prayer list, please send me a message: [email protected]


Current emotions: nervous, excited and a little bit emotional .

Yesterday I found out one of my hospitalized patients passed away. She wasn't even 25. That's just not okay. She, like anyone else, deserved a MUCH longer, happier life and motherhood.

When you work in healthcare, sometimes you get numb to how sad and beyond your control things can be. It's a survival mechanism--a really sucky, realistic one.

But I got to thinking about how we ALL have these modes where we numb our senses--not because it makes us happier, but because it seems easier for now.

It's as simple ignoring that important talk you need to have with a family member or letting your own desires for yourself slip silently to...

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What will stop you from getting the results you WANT (related to motivation)?


The last couple days I've been feeling kinda "blah". Didn't want to workout. Didn't want to be "social". Just felt foggy.

I tried to get up early, no dice. I got up and just stumbled around, unable to even LOOK at my to do list.

So I sat down for some motivation 911 and indulged in some personal development. That comes in many forms---inspiring podcasts, short YouTube videos, leadership calls and a plethora of books. Right now, it's The 12 Week Year.

The whole thing is like a bucket full of gold. Today, the chapter was interest versus commitment.


"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans". --Peter Drucker

To commit to something, you need 4 keys (paraphrased from the book):

1. Strong Desire: You need a personally compelling reason to fully commit to something. Without it, you will struggle when implementation gets difficult. The desired result must be MEANINGFUL enough to get your through the hard times and keep you on track.

This is often why...

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What do the Herb Touted more Effective than Drugs?

So, what’s the herb that is touted more effective than some drugs? Over 6,000 studies say, it’s an effective anti-cancer, pain killer, anti-depressant, anti-inflammation, anti-joint pain, etc. Well, I’m having back to school ‘Zen week’ next week and those are the 3 types of things that we’re going to chitchat about. We’re going over mind, body and nourishment.


YouTube link:

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Brew Thirty! Fermented Tea Recipe that actually Tastes Good!

I made fermented tea that tastes good. Fermented foods are Probiotics that are good for your gut and to your immune system. I have spent a lot of money on Kombucha which is fermented tea, so I had to learn how to make it myself. I recommend LIVE brand Kombucha. It’s like your gateway Kombucha.


YouTube link:

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To Juice or not to Juice? Let me Size it up for You!

So why would you juice? Should you? or shouldn’t you? What are the pros and cons and what are the different types of juicer? I stop this cute little juice shop and got juice every day. When I came home, I was craving it. So, I researched all the juicers, borrowed everyone’s juicer I knew and tried the out for the best one.


YouTube link:

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How to make delicious homemade maple almond granola

 Homemade granola: the cheaper and better breakfast/snack that lasts all week

About 3 years ago, I started buying granola from my Local Food Co-Op. It was about $10/bag & it disappeared very quickly in my house. The co-op only offered my favorite flavor periodically, so I was inspired to make my own maple almond granola. You can flex any of the nuts & seeds in the recipe or increase the wet ingredients for even more clumps. 

Take it out of the oven at the recommended time. It won't look done until it's cooled and hardened. The almond extract in this is a game changer!


Facebook Permalink:

This recipe was originally published at Iowa Girl Eats blog & I make modifications as desired (like double pecans!): 

Maple Almond Granola:

3 cups certified gluten­free old fashioned oats
1 cup whole raw almonds, divided

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Dessert, Breakfast or Snack that makes you Feel Great about in 2-3 Ingredients!

Today, I'm going to talk about a dessert or snack that makes you feel great. That's because of it's high content of Omega-3. Good sources of Omega-3 are usually in fish but this is a plant base source of Omega-3. We'll get couple of ingredients and mix them together.


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