Are some sugars like honey & maple syrup, better than others?

happiness health Jan 03, 2017


Prepping for the 3 day sugar "reset" happening this week and I got a question in my inbox:

Q: Do I have to give up the honey in my golden tea for the sugar reset?

And it got me thinking about the benefits of some of my favorite sugars that I want to share. I'm not encouraging that we should now douse things in maple syrup like Buddy the elf, but instead you might find that honey and maple syrup are good substitutes or periodic additions to your lifestyle, especially above regular old white sugar.

General guiding rule of thumb: if something's been "bleached" or whitened, then it's pretty well stripped of it's minerals.

Before I get into sugar, let's go back to basics of what it is. It's a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are used for energy. And of course there is actual vitamins and minerals from healthy carbs that are beneficial too. But people aren't especially active today in a world of convenience. And unless we're being really intentional about it, life leans into carbs. So,...

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Planning for FOCUS, Attaining Goals and Action in 2017

happiness health wealth Dec 30, 2016

We are going to talk about finding your focus, goal setting, execution through action and create purpose driven goals that will save you money. Time management is vital. Forgive yourself right now that you can’t do everything at once. First is you need to score yourself with the following: Physical health, mental wellbeing, environment, hobbies and restoration, relationships, friends and families, finances, purpose or career, spirituality, and personal development. Then give 3 months to work through any of these areas. 


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How do you Want to Feel at the End of the Day?

happiness health Dec 14, 2016

People are feeling guilty this week. I want to talk about it in a way that reframes it. You can ask yourself, how do you want to feel at the end of the day? Get a notebook and start writing feelings, ideas and thoughts on it. It’s like a trial and error and you can gain self-awareness.


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What do the Herb Touted more Effective than Drugs?

happiness health Sep 29, 2016

So, what’s the herb that is touted more effective than some drugs? Over 6,000 studies say, it’s an effective anti-cancer, pain killer, anti-depressant, anti-inflammation, anti-joint pain, etc. Well, I’m having back to school ‘Zen week’ next week and those are the 3 types of things that we’re going to chitchat about. We’re going over mind, body and nourishment.


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How to make delicious homemade maple almond granola

 Homemade granola: the cheaper and better breakfast/snack that lasts all week

About 3 years ago, I started buying granola from my Local Food Co-Op. It was about $10/bag & it disappeared very quickly in my house. The co-op only offered my favorite flavor periodically, so I was inspired to make my own maple almond granola. You can flex any of the nuts & seeds in the recipe or increase the wet ingredients for even more clumps. 

Take it out of the oven at the recommended time. It won't look done until it's cooled and hardened. The almond extract in this is a game changer!


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This recipe was originally published at Iowa Girl Eats blog & I make modifications as desired (like double pecans!): 

Maple Almond Granola:

3 cups certified gluten­free old fashioned oats
1 cup whole raw almonds, divided

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Dessert, Breakfast or Snack that makes you Feel Great about in 2-3 Ingredients!

happiness health meal prep Sep 05, 2016

Today, I'm going to talk about a dessert or snack that makes you feel great. That's because of it's high content of Omega-3. Good sources of Omega-3 are usually in fish but this is a plant base source of Omega-3. We'll get couple of ingredients and mix them together.


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Food that Improves your Gut Health

gut health happiness health Sep 01, 2016


What is the major type of food you could be eating more of to improve your overall health and immunity? Hint: not champagne but it is bubbly! Let me show you some!


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Inflammation 101: Our Friend, Our Enemy, and some Practical Things You can Do

happiness health Aug 26, 2016


I’m going to talk about inflammation, what that is and simple things that you could do to combat that everyday. Inflammation was meant to be our friend. It’s how our body naturally respond to injury and stress.


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Thinking about it; from good to great: The Equation for Getting What You Want

happiness health Jul 08, 2016

Every morning, I try to have a little personal development in my day, a motivation, or inspiration because that’s what gives me my mojo for today. So, the 3 ingredients from moving from good to great include consistency, patience and competence. It’s like, do I know the route I want to go? So, let me give you some example.


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Are you disregarding the most free & easy thing you could do for your health?

happiness health Jul 02, 2016

Imagine, if you had an organ that took up 2/3 of your body, it would be huge. You would have whole sub-specialties dedicated to it, entire universities, and reserachers and hospital whatever. It would be a big deal. But that's what water in our body. It's 2/3 in our body. In fact infants have 75% water and for elderly, it moves down to 60%. So you see the shift.


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