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Mouth Taping: The sleep hack you never knew you needed diy energy energy wizard health healthy living mini episodes sleep

Strange as it might sound, mouth taping is a sleep hack that you can try immediately.

Mouth taping is not just a social media trend; it has a scientific backing to explain why it provides better quality sleep at night.

Here are a few of my favorite mouth taping benefits:

  1. Lessens...
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Top 5 Podcast Episodes to avoid burnout ariel garten avoid burnout avoiding burnout burnout burnout coach dr.navaz habib energy wizard florence williams marco tesi podcast roundup stages of burnout the less stressed life podcast top 5 podcast episodes

I know it's still early in the year, but, there are some of us who still feel the effects of burnout from last year's 4th quarter!

Burnout doesn't happen in just a snap - it's a pile-up of issues and concerns that we tend to dismiss or ignore up until we reach the breaking point. In fact,...

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If you ever feel bloated for no reason or react to random foods, this 12-minute breathing exercise is for you.

This short recording combines several healing modalities, including an intentional breath pattern that signals relaxation to the vagus nerve. This can improve digestive function and immune health, which impacts food reactions, along with many other benefits.

PMID: 30356789

Breathwork Waiver

Breathwork should never be done while driving or in water. Ask your doctor if you have a serious medical condition.