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Sheet Pan Recipe Round Up healthy meals recipe recipe round up sheet pan

The discovery of sheet pan dinners is life changing. You can literally take any protein, combine it with any veggie, mix it all up with any sauce or seasoning, toss it in the oven, and have a complete dinner in under an hour.  There's something so satisfying about pulling a complete meal out...

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How to make a midday matcha latte pick me up easy recipe health food healthy recipe recipe



Despite our BEST efforts to avoid the mid-afternoon crash, sometimes it happens anyway. And sometimes you just need a shot of caffeine to power through that pile of to-dos you've been putting off for a month.

Enter matcha tea lattes.

Have you heard of all the buzz around matcha...

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Mold can cause anything from increased allergies/asthma and silly food sensitivities to fatigue, brain fog, thyroid imbalance, and sinus/respiratory issues. It can also cause recurrent illness, vaginal infections, and rashes.

There’s no “escaping” mold, so I think we need to understand this part of nature and regularly reduce unnecessary mold exposure.

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