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Googling “dry winter skin” will churn out articles from magazines that usually tell you to amp up your winter routine by including moisturizers and decreasing the frequency of hot showers. Although these steps that promote skin moisture help, you have to remember that to prevent dry, flaky skin, you also need to take care of your skin internally.

Moisture retention happens both inside and outside of our skin. Aside from using heavy creams or moisturizers, personally, I like La Roche Posay, adjusting the humidity of the air inside your homes, and drinking up, one of the things you can do to help your skin during harsh seasons is to incorporate Omega 3 into your diet.

For adults, a maximum of 5,000 mg of Omega 3 daily is tolerable, while kids can take up 1,000 mg daily. Remember that the quality of the Omega 3 you also take matters, especially the ones designed for kids (a lot of them are mostly sugar).

I did a 6-minute spontaneous podcast episode on The Less Stressed Life; please give it a listen to know more about my dry winter skin tips!


All right. I have good news. We're going to do a little experiment called Christa shares, extemporaneously some clinical pearls or case studies, or just interesting things that I've seen in practice or used or whatever. And today is a really timely subject. We're gonna talk about dry skin and these are gonna be short mini mini episodes that I do. That's gonna be the second episode of the week. So you won't miss out on the interviews that we have coming out at the end of every week, we will plug these episodes in at the beginning of the week. So something you can look forward to and binge through for any topic you want. And I'd love, love, love to hear topics. You want me to do these little minis on I'm going to take my DMS from Instagram and we have our podcast group learn, grow, share.com.

You can join our podcast group, which is so much fun for just chit-chatting with what you are loving about podcasts. Okay, let me get into it dry skin. So this is the time. So if you live in a climate where the weather changes or where there's no humidity, what your skin has is a lipid barrier. And even though we don't always notice, of course, we do notice this in the winter. I think the most obvious thing is, is when people are using force dry heat in house, they automatically get dryer in the mouth, which we have other comments about as well, but basically we're losing humidity in the air. And so our skin does suffer and it is a big, big layer, right? Odd like protective layer on our body. So we don't have the humidity in the air. We have that dry air that's kind of blowing and dryness out we're hand-washing.

And then, uh, especially what I think the dry skin is like worse this year, because we're actually washing our hands and using alcohol sanitizers, which are really drying to that external skin layer. If you are in a position where you can not use alcohol based sanitizers constantly, that is going to be a lovely for your hands, because there is an insane outbreak of like dry hands. Okay. I'm gonna use my son max. Who's six as my target here. So poor max has my genetics. I have crappy genetics for converting plant-based omega-threes ALA into animal based omega-3 is EPA and DHA. So the only way to get EPA and DHA is to convert it in your liver. And so it's really just in fatty fish, salmon, black Cod, which is really unique. We can talk about that later. And algae would be the vegetarian source for this.

So those are really the only sources. And if they're not in your diet and you're not really converting this very well, good luck, you probably don't have great omega-3 status, which we know is a huge factor for inflammation. That's huge for skin. Well, that's what we're talking about today is dry skin. Okay? So we've got internally. Each cell has a little fossil that the layer. And so every cell makes up tissue and every tissue makes up skin. And here we are, right? So we have this dry skin on the inside. And then out on the outside, this is a skin issues are kind of a pain, but because they're internal and external. So we've got little Macs and it's winter and every winter on the edges of like where his wrist means, his hand, it gets kind of dry and raw and it can get almost alligator if we're not careful.

So what we do is we put a really heavy duty, barrier cream. There's a cow butter cream. We like called Corona, but there's also a cream that I'm liking that I got in integrative dermatology symposium, swipe box called LA Roche Posay or something like that, a French name. And it's a very like heavy duty cream. I'm not saying you have to use those. You just need something to protect the skin that is raw because your skin is your shield. So if your shield is compromised, not good. So you want to put a barrier cream on it. At least every night, we want to minimize continued irritation. That's one way to do it. But overnight is like the best time to heal. There's some different things you can do to heal skin a little bit faster externally, that would be sometimes add. And then internally I maximize omega-3 status.

So because we need these phospholipids to make up beautiful cells, to make up beautiful skin, to make a beautiful tissue, to make a beautiful skin. So what does this look like in a six-year-old boy? So actually in adults, like you don't hear this or see this really international standards say it's fine to have an upper limit of 5,000 milligrams per day, total omega-3. And that comes directly out of Christina Jackson. And I talk about that in our mega three episode was probably March or April of 2020 when we did prenatal omegas. So we talk about that because she works at like the premier company that created omega-3 index reference Rangers. Anyway, what can you do with this information? So when you got a kiddo, how do you get them to take omega-threes? Cause it's like fish, right? And yes, kids will often eat fish. And I've kind of talked to my kids into eating like certain kinds of Sam.

Anyway, that doesn't matter to you. What I do is I actually do a thousand milligrams of total omega-3 I use the Nordic naturals, Omega three fishies, not anything else that are mostly sugar. All the other products are mostly sugar. And I use the fishies. They're in a little foil packet and you pop them open and they're kind of like oily, but not in a bad way. My kids are fine with them. Um, if I give them three, so this is like, I mean, the expense is not super tiny. It's like probably 15, 20 bucks for the package. And I think there's 36 fisheries in it and I use three. So it's a 12 day supply, but you know what, it's worth it. Cause I want to see results. So I give him a thousand milligrams of Omega three and over a handful of days, maybe a week, we're totally good.

But we do have to kind of stay on top of it. Otherwise it's going to get dried out. So dry winter skin, a couple other pearls, you should be probably changing up your cleansing and skincare routine. So oil cleansers are all the rage. You can make your own. There's a lot of products that are out there. And even if you have oily skin, these can work very nicely. So oil loving stuff in the winter, when the same thing that's happening in the Max's hands is happening to your face and getting dried out. Don't overdraw your skin in the winter. Don't overstep your skin in the winter. Don't overstep your skin anytime, cause it compromises your lipid layer. But these are some ways you can avoid dry winter skin. And I'm over my five minutes. Peace out. See you in the Facebook group. Oh, and I just love PSS.

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