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5 Quick Tips to Stop Email Overwhelm with Danii Sheriff email management inbox management systems the less stressed life podcast episode 148

Does your heart beat faster than normal at the sound of your email notification?

If your palms start sweating at the thought of organizing your email inbox, this Less Stressed Life episode is for you!

In episode 148, our guest Dani Sheriff, a digital illustrator, YouTuber, and podcaster, ...

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If you ever feel bloated for no reason or react to random foods, this 12-minute breathing exercise is for you.

This short recording combines several healing modalities, including an intentional breath pattern that signals relaxation to the vagus nerve. This can improve digestive function and immune health, which impacts food reactions, along with many other benefits.

PMID: 30356789

Breathwork Waiver

Breathwork should never be done while driving or in water. Ask your doctor if you have a serious medical condition.