5 Quick Tips to Stop Email Overwhelm with Danii Sheriff

email management inbox management systems the less stressed life podcast episode 148 Feb 10, 2021
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Does your heart beat faster than normal at the sound of your email notification?

If your palms start sweating at the thought of organizing your email inbox, this Less Stressed Life episode is for you!

In episode 148, our guest Dani Sheriff, a digital illustrator, YouTuber, and podcaster,  shares her hacks to end your inbox overwhelm. 

  • Monday folder. Put emails that can be held off until said day.  This day will be your day to deep dive and read these emails.

  • Set a time limit.  Block off a specific time in your day where any email that comes in after your time block will be automatically read and dealt with the following day. Rinse and repeat!


  • Communicate in a clear and concise manner.  Nothing beats straightforward communication - cover the what, why, who, when, where and any action needed in your email.

  • Emails should not be treated like conversations. Conversations that go back and forth should be reserved for meetings, not emails. 


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