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4 Autoimmunity Red Flags You Should Know autoimmune system case study immune system solo episode

Last year, I had a harrowing experience when my mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease - myasthenia gravis.  

It was the worst time to be in and out of the hospital during that time because of Covid, but looking back, I am just grateful that my mom got through one extremely tough year....

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Why do certain foods make me sick? And what can I do to fix it? food health food sensitivity gut health immune system symptoms


How can inflammatory conditions, like eczema, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBD, and chronic pain be caused by certain foods?

Well, let's think about what happens to food when we eat.

When we put foods into our mouths, enzymes released from the salivary glands begin the digestion...

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Mold can cause anything from increased allergies/asthma and silly food sensitivities to fatigue, brain fog, thyroid imbalance, and sinus/respiratory issues. It can also cause recurrent illness, vaginal infections, and rashes.

There’s no “escaping” mold, so I think we need to understand this part of nature and regularly reduce unnecessary mold exposure.

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