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4 Autoimmunity Red Flags You Should Know autoimmune system case study immune system solo episode

Last year, I had a harrowing experience when my mom was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease - myasthenia gravis.  

It was the worst time to be in and out of the hospital during that time because of Covid, but looking back, I am just grateful that my mom got through one extremely tough year....

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If you ever feel bloated for no reason or react to random foods, this 12-minute breathing exercise is for you.

This short recording combines several healing modalities, including an intentional breath pattern that signals relaxation to the vagus nerve. This can improve digestive function and immune health, which impacts food reactions, along with many other benefits.

PMID: 30356789

Breathwork Waiver

Breathwork should never be done while driving or in water. Ask your doctor if you have a serious medical condition.