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Okay...let me just get right to it.
I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the episode we put out last week called “Forget Everything You Know About Probiotics” where I talk to my favorite microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, about where we get our bacteria (tune in for a laugh 😂) as well as what you need to know about up-leveling your immune system. It’s really too much to summarize in a measly sentence or two, but it’s a BIG deal.

And I’ve LOVED the feedback I’ve received from listeners so far and didn’t want you to miss out. 

I LOVED how informative your latest podcast was with Kiran….I’ve shared it with clients and plan to share it more!” —Jennifer
That podcast was AMAZING! How do we get the probiotics?” —Megan 
Good question! Because the probiotics are practitioner gated (they’re strong!💪) you can get them directly from the source. This info is also in the show notes: 
Code: lessstressed
You can listen to this probiotic episode from the web at or on the Podcast app:
But speaking of how bacteria are in charge (seriously), I just saw this new study put out by JAMA Pediatrics looked at 792K kids and how much more prevalent allergy and asthma (+ not to mention eczema would be in this group too) are in children that had acid suppressors or antibiotics on the first 6 months of life. 
I can’t tell you how evident this kind of birth history is in all the significant child eczema cases I look at. Seriously. It’s appalling.
There is almost always a substantial piece of the puzzle at birth. Or something microbiome-related passed down from mom or dad.
Antibiotics are super useful, but they’re super powerful in knocking out our body’s FIRST defense in life. Our microbiome. The collection of bacteria in, on and around us. There are 10x as much bacteria in and on us than cells. That’s a lot of food for thought. 
And even though your microbiome is pretty well set by age 2, there’s still a lot you can do. 
Go check out the episode
And if your microbiome is a hot mess, call me. I’m obsessed with getting your guts in line. No apologies for being a weirdo like that. 
Your not-so-average RD, LN specializing in GI and eczema cases
P.S. 🙈I have to share this #humblebrag moment... Go check out this mini-interview I did with one of my client's, Amanda Bentow! She is a living, walking, and breathing testimonial of someone I worked with to help get to the root of issues so that you can really solve the problem and live a BETTER life!
>>>>Watch it HERE!<<<<

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