Breaking up with my Teflon cookware and what I chose

If you've followed along at all on Facebook this year, you may have heard me mention some pain points I've had about my neck and around my eyes breaking out in "eczema".

It's a classic example of an overloaded immune system and I've been working diligently to un-layer my own stressors in life--whether food, pathogen, chemical/environment or life--to heal permanently instead of temporarily.

I embrace the experience even on days I've wanted to give up because trials and personal experience give me passion about being a better practitioner and relentless about finding the best methods and potential shortcuts to help others heal from long time aggravations with digestion, skin, joint or muscle pain and migraines, among other things.

Anyway, what does this have to do with cookware? I'll tell you.

I've basically done a ton of experimental testing this year looking at causes of my inflammation and test showed some excess chloroform.

Chloroform....chloroform....what was that?

One source...

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