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What will stop you from getting the results you WANT (related to motivation)?

The last couple days I've been feeling kinda "blah". Didn't want to workout. Didn't want to be "social". Just felt foggy.

I tried to get up early, no dice. I got up and just stumbled around, unable to even LOOK at my to do list.

So I sat down for some motivation 911 and indulged in some personal development. That comes in many forms---inspiring podcasts, short YouTube videos, leadership calls and a plethora of books. Right now, it's The 12 Week Year.

The whole thing is like a bucket full of gold. Today, the chapter was interest versus commitment.


"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans". --Peter Drucker

To commit to something, you need 4 keys (paraphrased from the book):

1. Strong Desire: You need a personally compelling reason to fully commit to something. Without it, you will struggle when implementation gets difficult. The desired result must be MEANINGFUL enough to get your through the hard times and keep you on track.

This is often why people with weight loss goals might not succeed. They don't look at the immediate validation of their actions toward creating habits. They can only see the end result months away and get discouraged. But they also haven't VISUALIZED and EMOTIONALIZED their goal. How will it feel to not reach what they want? Is it worth feeling tired all the time? To be winded trying to keep with the kids? To hate those event photos when you look back in a year?

2. Core actions: Once you have intense desire to reach those results, you have to identify the core actions to move that needle. Many people take the spectator role instead of participant. only what we DO counts. One or two actions usually produce the result.

Yeah, how about a done-for-you flexible eating plan and black and white workout schedule? What's left? Now that the plan is done, what about the core actions?

3. Count the cost: Commitments require sacrifice. Often we claim our commitment to things without considering the costs, and hardships we'll have to overcome to accomplish our desires. These could include time, money, uncertainty, going outside our comfort zone. When you face these costs, it's extremely helpful to recognize that you anticipated them and decided that reaching your goal was worth it.

As much of a fan I am of sleep, is 20-30 minutes lying there lifeless going to change your life? Is 30-60 minutes of mind-numbing television going to get you what you want? You don't FIND time to do the things you REALLY desire, you MAKE time. Because you VALUE the things that will RESULT in getting what you want most in life. Right? Why are we spending time in areas we don't value as much?

4. Act on commitments, not feelings: There will be many times when you don't FEEL like doing the core activities. Normal. We've all been there. Why would you want to get up earlier when your bed is so warm and cozy? But what's the consequence of not acting? You will never build any momentum and will get stuck continually restarting or, as is so often the case, giving up. Learning to do the things you need to do is hard, but it is the fundamental discipline for success.

It took me 3 months to finally decide I was WILLING to get up earlier to do my workout without the "help" of my children. That discipline transferred into other areas of my life--creating a business that gave me even more freedom of time. Sacrifice now and enjoy the benefits long term. You'd be amazed at how much MORE you can accomplish than you think by shifting your beliefs, taking 5 minutes to create an action plan for the next day and finding a community of inspiration and support.

Needless to say, a little inspiration from this book, a little branched chain amino acids (energy supplement I use sparingly) and my Amazon music jam list, I was back in biznass. Business. Sorry. I like to pretend I'm 20. Which is why flailing my arms in the air right now between typing to Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home".

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Get out there and get what YOU WANT! It starts with being honest with yourself. Change happens with challenge.



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