Get Stuff Done Day 4: The Power of "I"

Apr 05, 2016

Taking responsibility

Today, let’s take some time to continue to build on the areas we’ve already learned---targeted task items, priorities, weekly & daily lists, time chunking & minimizing distractions. Whenever you get off track, that’s all you NEED to do. Repeat the process. Make a list. Improve the list. Be real with yourself.


But what if there was a way to have more energy? To get more done? To automatically feel better & have less “hangry” moments in your day? The is the power of “I”.

Power of I

How do you fill your cup? (crickets)

Is it empty? How do you run on empty? How do you give yourself a little self-care or “me” time?

Mindset plays a huge role in what you believe you can accomplish & how good life is for you in general. In fact, your life is really as good as you think it is, right?

But let’s give lip service to the deeper physiology. The important stuff that everyone brushes aside because it’s too obvious, but yet so many have trouble getting it done!

We know that adequate sleep and exercise makes you nicer, smarter, more productive, more successful. When the oxygen gets pumping through the blood, you move more efficiently, happiness hormones are released. When you’re off track with either of those things (God bless new moms!), you probably notice that your concentration and ability to function pretty much heads down the gutter.   

Bottom line: if you don’t have some kind of adequate self care, consider adding something (message me if you need a step by step plan; it’s my specialty). Be content only if that's what you want. But know the only thing standing in the way of being extraordinary is your mindset. If you’re choosing to wake up and look at your phone, stop reacting to the rest of the world to set the tone for your day. Set aside a different time for reacting to the world (time chunking). Give yourself a little love first. Start with a compliment. Self-care. #toughlove #worthit

Always make your action item doable. If you saw some of my goals this week, you might have known I was undercutting my sleep trying to get this course out to you. But this is where specificity is the sweet spot to actually attaining a goal. Don’t just write down on your list to get more sleep. Add 30 minutes or one hour to the amount you got last night. You don’t move mountains overnight, but gradiently moving upward with get you there. Make it reachable, not impossible.

Again, if the amount of sleep you get is BEYOND your control----you’re the only one that can care for your new baby, for example, or you have some sleeping issues, don’t feel bad about a cat nap during the day. Priorities. Sleep is non-negotiable. And for both of those instances, ask for help when you’re drowning. If you haven’t explored all options or solutions, schedule yourself some white space or thinking time to wander through solutions in your head. We ALL have problems. Some of us just find or make solutions more often. Don’t feel bad, feel empowered. You have amazing gifts. Embrace this day! See you tomorrow!

P.S. Can you reply and let me know your take aways so far? I’d love to improve this offering in the future. Or if you have a friend or family member that might benefit, send him or her my way. Cheers.


New parents especially: Have you ever had those weeks where it’s been a couple days between showers, yoga pants take you from one morning into the next and’re not even sure what day it is? Even if that isn’t your story, this tip will still work for you (wink).

The night before, lay out your clothes for the day you want to have. That might just be yoga pants. But sometimes it’s not. When I do this, I feel less closet apathy, less rushed & better coordinated. Set the tone. Dress for the day you want to have, not the day you’re reacting to when you wake.

BONUS TIP #2: Audio book recommendation for the person suffering from the clutter of life: It's All Too Much by Peter WalshPut the earbuds in while you're listening to rationale on eliminating "the stuff". 

Book recommendation for the sleep deprived: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson 

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