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Get Stuff Done Challenge: Day 2 Priorities & Due Dates

Assess + Revise

Good to see you again! Today, we rinse and repeat. How did yesterday’s list go?

Were your items small enough?
Were there too many items on the list to reasonably accomplish?
It’s okay if you didn’t get to everything. That’s what this is about--making progress and better understanding our expectations for ourselves (we can’t complete 25 items per day!) + figuring out what is important at this time.

Were your items small enough--twenty minutes or less? Did you *star* the 2-3 priority areas? Every successful person I follow swears by prioritizing. Decide what you want, reverse engineer the pieces and make each piece a priority on a different day.   

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Priority areas

Later in the week, we’ll talk more about letting go of some of the things things we think we need to do by rating our growth/priority areas. For now, let’s keep it simple and think about an area of your life or maybe just a PROJECT or GOAL that you really, really want to accomplish. Brainstorm every little thing that might need to get done to reach that goal or project.

Then take those small chunks and add just one per day (max), to your to do list. If this is something you want for yourself, you might need to put one foot in front of the other by making the big project into small tasks.

Due Dates

Yesterday I said that the weekly or multi-day list was optional. Today, let’s make it mandatory. Consider it a TOP 5 or TOP 10 for the week. That is just 1-2 items per day. Not terrible, right? Add a due date to certain items on the weekly list so you know what order they need to be accomplished.

I once had an accountability mentor that made us do this same exercise & post our list to the group page. She’d reported she’d taken a very expensive mastermind class and one of the biggest takeaways was REFINED to do lists. Putting a deadline on an item in some capacity helps move it along. It might not ALWAYS happen, but it’s better than “someday”. Someday almost never comes. So give yourself some tough love if you need to hold yourself MORE ACCOUNTABLE to certain items---non-negotiables, if you will.

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