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5 ways to beat burnout without escaping to a remote island

avoiding burnout burnout

Ever felt that nagging feeling where you're spending too much time thinking of escaping somewhere with no work or family around?

It's not just because 2020 happened! "It's just a pile-up of different concerns you have from your various roles in your personal and professional life". "It's just stress", you say, and brush off that feeling of being drained - BUT if you take a bit of time to just look inside and assess what is happening to your body and mind, you only might realize that you're on your way to burning out. 

Exhaustion, isolation, and anxiety are just some of the symptoms you need to look out for when preventing burnout.  

If, however, you're already in that final stage of burnout, I would like to share the 5 things I do to fight burnout without needing to disappear to a remote cabin somewhere.

1. Move to sweat. Simple movements like walking, yoga, or weight lifting can help you produce your happy hormones. If you want to do explosive exercise, such as HIIT or running, I suggest doing it in the morning to avoid hyping your body that will cause issues for you falling asleep. Sweating helps you cleanse your body and rid of toxins, so don't be afraid to sweat the bad out. 


2. Magnesium Baths.          Aside from the calming feeling of soaking in warm water, adding Magnesium salts to your bath time can help you with stress. Magnesium baths help with inflammation and muscle soreness. 


3. Quiet Time. 

Prayer time or meditation /quiet time makes a big difference when dealing with the harshness of our daily life. Incorporating some time to enjoy and appreciate this meditative period can help you build a more calm demeanor when dealing with stress.


4. Loosen up 

When you're stressed, your muscles contract, and retaining a stiff posture only adds to the soreness you feel. Loosen your muscles by stretching or using a massage gun ( this is definitely a big help, and I love it!) 


5. Support your adrenals.

Stress makes your adrenals release cortisol and adrenaline in response to a "fight or flight" situation. I personally take Adrenamin for this concern.  


Have a listen to episode 147 of the Less Stressed Life podcast, as I do a quick dive on the importance of adrenal support



I wanted to tell you what I did last night to counter act burnout. So burnout feels like kind of apathy, low energy, just like loss of joy in what you're doing. And I bet you guys could all resonate with that, especially in 2020. And as we come into the end of 2020, some of my colleagues and I have decided, well, actually we borrowed this from another colleague. She tries to take off the last couple of weeks of the year to rejuvenate and refresh. And so I wasn't able to quite get away with that much, but nearly that much. And I'm hoping to get quite a bit done, but yesterday it was just a long client day and I do love, love, love my work. But when you're giving, giving, giving all day, like any service provider, anyone in the service professions, you can just get kind of an empty cup.

So by the end of the day yesterday, and you know, really a negative behavior I have is, were kind of in a slump, but then I just don't stop working. And then it's a very big challenge in these short days of the year where the days get shorter. And so it's like, you didn't see sun, it's just kind of a negative downward spiral, right? So I was feeling quite apathetic. I was having trouble getting off the computer. And so sometimes I literally have a trouble just disconnecting and reconnecting with a family because my commute is nothing because it's, I work in an office in my home. So there's not that commute to kind of unwind. And when I used to have pretty kind of high stress or high stress environments in my work, I would have quite a commute home. And I wouldn't even realize that I wouldn't even turn the radio on sometimes because I was so busy decompressing from the day.

So I'm really interested in burnout right now and personality types. And I'm over here, literally finishing up the final touches on a burnout quiz for you and some resources in March I'd like to do basically kind of like a burnout. One-on-one, here's how you really like counteract the situation from that. But let me tell you what I did last night. So I'm burned out. I decide, okay, Krista, I can see and I can feel it. And so I'm going to like wrap up work as soon as possible. So I finish up what I need to do. And then normally exercise at night can lead to poor sleep. It's possible if you're doing too intensive of an exercise, I think hit or intensity or cardio can have some negativity in the evening, depending on what time you do it, but strength, training, yoga, those other things.

And they're not kind of hype you up quite as much. So it's not quite as that I think. And in these short, short days, sometimes I think it helps when it's five o'clock and it feels like midnight, right? Or six o'clock. And it feels like midnight. When you sit in a chair all day, you just think you gotta move your body. So here's how I handled it. This was my burnout emergency toolkit that I use last night and woke up feeling like a freaking million dollars today. So I went ahead and moved my body. Well, first I prepared a carbohydrate, rich supper, comfort food. To me, one of my favorite meals since I've been a child is, is spaghetti. So I fixed spaghetti and I went downstairs after we ate, because I needed the carbs for the energy when necessary. And I did a little bit of weight training, and then I sat in the sauna and then this is sounding so luxurious out in the middle of nowhere.

It's a coping mechanism guys, when you live in the middle of nowhere, you have to have stuff. It's part of my health journey, the sauna, another story for another day. So I sat in the sun and then after that, I made sure I off all that waste from the sauna and the sweat. So it's kind of like almost passive. It's almost feels like exercise. When you get out of the sauna, it's like, like you're increasing your blood flow. So it's almost like passive exercise. You can get those that endorphin rush post. And then I did a salt bath and did a magnesium bath because I'm under stress, high times of stress. You don't magnesium and you get me, I get twitchy and it's not a good thing. It negatively affects your gut health. I took a little magnesium bath, which is also good for those sore muscles or just feeling blah.

And then it's the Christmas season. And I had the opportunity to go do quite a bit of intentional prayer, like the nine o'clock hour, which is usually when I'd go to bed. But instead I had like a lot of quiet and silence. So this is something that I signed up for. And so I did that and I came home and I use the little massage gun, and I'd like to have a chiropractor, my chiropractor, exercise, his friend, Kelsey dovish, come back and speak to this. But my local chiropractor said, when you're tense and tight, you kind of pull this out of alignment. And so I found that I was really sleeping quite a bit more restlessly if my structure of my spine and whatnot are out of alignment. But I found that if I use a massage gun, it really helps me loosen up and I can sleep like a baby.

Now I keep forgetting the most important part immediately after I finished work, I did use a little bit of adrenal support and I liked this product called Drenamine. I just took a capsule or two of Drenamin in between that and which this is a very like luxurious stress routine. But I was feeling like, I don't know if I can do the rest of the week without it, and then sleeping so good. I really felt like a million bucks. So I know that is like intensive, but I wanted to share it's all about that awareness, recognize it and then do something about it. So the burnout thing, and it's kind of like a couple of classes that I'm going to do in March is really around, more intensive on like what specifically you can do to support and nourish your adrenals. Especially if you've kind of gotten to a burnout stage where you really do need some support to get back to good stress resilience.

I just got to the home with a girl who she, you know, accidentally started crying during our session because her stress resilience is so low at this point. She really needs a lot of nourishment to put that back. So anyway, I hope that was helpful. And I hope that you are able to create some kind of either five minute or luxurious stress routine that you can actually do during your few days off. Hopefully around the holidays, have a good one. Everyone do you need to detox. January is really a time where the word detox gets thrown around and people spew all kinds of craziness on both sides of the fence. But here's the thing we need to show respect where respect is due. My friends detox is amazing and I happen to have a pretty intimate connection and knowledge on what detox looks like. And when it is slowed from waking up with a puffy face or your eyes being swollen or retaining water weight, or having skin stuff like acne, eczema, et cetera, pop-up or identifying as a sweaty person, not handling alcohol like I did when I was 21, not waking up energized, waking up in the middle of the night, you've had some interesting ice symptoms I can trace to my detox systems.

So what do you do? Well, thank God. This is a podcast and not a Twitter post because it doesn't fit in 140 characters. When people ask me questions, like, what do you think of this chlorella supplement or dandelion tea or juice cleanse. I want to sit down and give you the one Oh one on what's happening inside your body. So, you know exactly if and what that tea or supplement will or will not help. That's why I'm doing a live detox, a masterclass on January 8th. Don't worry. A replay will be available if you register for the live version in my detox masterclass, you'll get the detox four one, one of what's going on on the inside and outside of your body. Plus simple shifts you can make to make these systems work better. You'll get how often you should give your body some love on your detox pathways.

So your skin digestion, energy, and just your body in general runs at its absolute best. You'll also get my two week detox protocol that you can use then rinse and repeat to affect everything from how much fluid you're retaining to improving sleep and energy, to how much you sweat to that bear knows that you have, I've been wanting to do this forever and we're finally doing it. So just go to Krista forward slash detox to take my, do you need to detox quiz and register for this jam packed masterclass. You do not want to miss it. So we'll have this link in the show notes as well, but it's Krista forward slash detox. I'll see you there.


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