How a registered nurse bounced back from a debilitating back injury to dominating life

Apr 10, 2020


 "And when you think about the things that you would have missed out on because you didn't take the initiative to do something about your health and this one life that we have to live, uh, it really it really puts things into perspective." - Helen Eimers, RN.

This episode is particulary near and dear to me because I was able feature how my sister-in-law, Helen Eimes, bounced back from a debilitating back injury. 

We get real, raw, and relatable in this episode as she shares her struggle to literally get back on her feet.  

She reflected on how her mindset helped her overcome this physical barrier so she can continue living her life to the fullest. How her accountability group kept her focused and motivated to get well and why she stuck to an anti-inflammatory diet even through all the hardships she was experiencing. 

To read the transcript of this Less Stressed Life Episode, follow this link.

You can listen to her story here: 


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