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What am I giving YOU for the holidays? + Black Friday favorites + Stop feeling bloated

Thanks for joining me for this Holiday gift guide, Christa style. That's no case you don't speak code....

Anyway, some of my top picks for quick gifts this year? Actually, I'm giving away awesome olive oil and mom & pop bourbon barrel 100% maple syrup. And I'm happy to tell you where to get it if you send me a note [email protected] but here's some other ideas I've got for you: 

Smell good
Piper Wai (new & improved sticks & yes that's an affiliate link for 15% off all the time!!)
The best natural deodorant (per usual, kissed a LOT of frogs to find this gem, RIIIBBBBET).
Yes, the Amazon price is sort of disgusting. But it was 30% off this weekend on the website and free shipping. And the gift set is a phenomenal deal. You can't buy the piece of mind that comes from not applying aluminum to one of your detox pathways/lymphatic system every day AND smelling good. 

Taste good
Peppermint Snack Breaks Free2B. I bought 10 bags. I’m obsessed. No lecithin, so clean, tastes delish. I could only find it reasonably at Thrive Market, where I could buy just the flavor I wanted. Get a month free plus who knows what kind of discount here. Interviewing one of the owners this month on the podcast. Lemme know what you wanna know about chocolate! 

Be a kitchen ninja
Stop spending so much flipping time prepping food and get this knife.
I was at my sister in law's on Thanksgiving day when she handed me a bag of kale and asked why I would chop it when I could just rip it up????

Then I tried the knife she gave me and understood why she rips up her kale.

Not having a good chef knife is like trying to use a screwdriver instead of a power drill. Are you using a screwdriver for a power tool job in the kitchen? No wonder you hate cooking! Watch this VINTAGE Christa video from 2016 to learn how to speed up your time the kitch.

All my favorites can be found here, but I wanted to get to the important part — what am I giving YOU for the holidays?

How about feeling 95%+ better than you do right now? I just did the calculations on some clients that finished my program this week and they were all >95% better than when they started. They rate themselves every time we have an appointment, so I can’t make up these results. They could, but rarely compare their own numbers along the way, so they’re always pleasantly surprised when they hear the difference a few months can make on health issues that have annoyed them for YEARS.

Someone said this week, "I'm waiting to see if this is too good to be true, because I've dealt with all these random problems since childhood and it doesn't seem possible that I could be so much better in just a couple months!"

***Couple take home points before I give you the details on what I'm giving you for Christmas:

--> 1. I can help you solve that annoying health problem. While I picked on irritable bowel issues with this funny turkey graphic, the truth is, the protocols I customize for you are pretty darn effective for any “stress” laden inflammatory condition: migraines, muscle/joint pain, BRAIN FOG, poop problems & belly aches, skin issues and more. Auto immune issues will take a little deeper digging, but you don’t have to deal with thyroid issues forever.

It’s RIDICULOUS how much we “deal with” that isn’t normal or necessary.

--> 2. For a limited time (though Dec 15), mini consult calls are complimentary with the code THANKSGIVING at completion of appointment booking.

These calls are meant to find out if we’re a good fit to work together before saying, “Yes, Christa, help me fix this problem sustainably!"

The calls aren’t meant to solve your problems in 5 minutes, but to find out if you’re actually ready to fix them with a little elbow grease. If real problems were solved in 5 minutes, the last 3 visits you made to different providers would have fixed the issue already. #toughloveSundays

I’m SO attached to your results, that I’ll go ahead and let you know after you complete the application form whether or not you’re a good candidate. If not, no hard feelings and I’ll just cancel your appointment and let you know so neither of us wastes our time on something that isn’t right for you. #scoutshonor

--> Let’s just be real about these digestive issues 🙊….whatever you call them--stomach aches, can’t poop, poop too much, bloating, cramping, retaining water, feeling crappy, aches & pains, BRAIN FOG--they’re not normal. And you DON’T have to live with them. Seriously.  💩

You DESERVE better. And you can have it. #IBSrealtalk

We all know how crazy the holidays can get, but I keep getting inquiries about my Fast Track to Fabulous program that helps resolve these symptoms efficiently and effectively--once and for all. Enrollment for 2017 is FULL, but I’m accepting applications now for 2018 for women that KNOW they want to feel their best, purge the multiple sizes of clothing they have in the closet for “bloated” days, and be relieved of mind-of-their-own bowel habits and inflammation.  😜

📝Here’s what you’ll be getting:

➕ A customized anti-inflammatory food plan tailored to your unique lab work so you can ENJOY all the foods that agree with you and ditch the ones causing stressful symptoms.

➕ Confidence you’ll be able to stop experimenting with restrictive diets and learn to enjoy the foods that make you feel your best for sustainable success.

➕ Discover how all these things you’ve decided are your “normal”--sinus issues, migraines, trouble sleeping, joint pain, fatigue, acne--can be overcome.

➕ You'll have a proven, long-term plan to eat a wide variety of foods while still avoiding symptoms.

➕ Plus a legit degree in knowing your own body---what you’ll learn about what’s causing the way you feel will blow the roof off this place.  😀

👂Listen....I KNOW you’re anxious and afraid to eat sometimes because you’re not sure what it will do to your stomach. And it CRUSHES me to hear these stories on a regular basis.

So, if you want to make this YOUR time you reverse the symptoms of your tummy troubles & related aggravations & would like to apply for the 12-Week Fast Track to Fabulous program  📧 simply send me a message at [email protected] let me know you'd like an application.


There will be early bird discounts for those who sign up before Dec 8.

❌Please DO NOT apply for this if... ❌

➖ You're not open to fixing this once and for all. 
➖ You can't or don't want to invest in making a long-term change to save yourself years of “provider hopping” down the road.
➖ You are just looking for a quick fix or magic pill
➖You haven’t already tried to fix this problem and gotten stuck. If you don’t know how hard it usually is, you probably won’t appreciate my fast track method to get you results.

If you'd like to apply, simply send me an email and I'll forward the application details to you. [email protected] 

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