"The thing that surprised me the most was my clearing sinuses. I originally sought this type of treatment due to many autoimmune "markers." I didn't want to develop a debilitating autoimmune disease. I've seen many patients (I'm a practitioner) taking extreme medications to control their conditions, and I am striving to avoid immune suppressing medications. My symptoms included knuckle joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome, dry eye, itchy skin, hair loss, Raynaud's, dizziness, physical tiredness, and mental fatigue. I had no idea my lifelong sinus congestion and pain would be resolved with diet change! Christa is extremely knowledgeable about gut health and healing. Every couple of weeks there's been a new level of improvement. I hope you get started! I know it will change your life more than anything you've tried in the past!"

— IBS, Auto-Immune Client

"I would tell your clients to push through and do it; the results are worth it. I’m improving greatly and my stomach feels so much better."

— IBS, Celiac, Migraine Client
92% improved in 4 weeks and dropped 7 lbs the first week.

"My thyroid antibodies have decreased by about half so far and my skin and energy are much better."

—Hashimotos Thyroiditis Client

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How to get to the root cause of feeling like crap....

An interview about food sensitivities, root causes & how to overcome them without long term crazy restrictions


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