Most of my clients come to me after seeing many other providers but are still looking for answers.

They felt stuck, with the consequences of being on medications forever unappealing. They know something MORE must be going on and are sick of being told: “this is all in your head”. Or they’ve tried to DIY their food situation & it’s been overwhelming. Things that used to be fine are now suddenly a problem and they’re just plain exhausted---in general, and with trying to figure it out.

Is there a fast track way to addressing this instead of waffling through it for years to come? You bet! I call it Fast Track to Fabulous.

Fix the problem, for good: Let’s take some time to discuss your case so I can HONESTLY let you know if I can help you get better, efficiently, with my Fast Track to Fabulous program. I’m laser focused on getting you the results you deserve, and this session will help review what’s been missing and how you can expedite that process.

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**This program works wonders for IBS, digestive issues, brain fog, joint/muscle pain, headaches/migraines, and food sensitivities but is also transformative for other inflammatory conditions, like acne and auto-immune conditions. 

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This course covers everything you need to know about healing a tricky eczema case. A collaboration with ScratchMeNot, we set out to create the BEST eczema healing resource available. This course is geared toward children but works for adults as well. To apply for the eczema course, please schedule a call to discuss whether it's the best fit for your child.

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You’re not sure yet that you need a heavy duty personalized nutrition intervention to accelerate healing and improve how your whole body feels.

No problem.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after studying nutrition for well over 15 years, it is that it’s always changing. Many sources (1, 2, 3) say it takes 17 years before current research becomes mainstream, meaning that what you’re hearing in your typical provider offices may be over a decade old by the time you receive it. WOW! Do you have time for outdated advice? My guess is not.

I immerse myself in current nutrition trends and research to distill what works and what doesn’t.

If you have some questions like, “I was just diagnosed with Celiac disease, a food allergy, Hashimotos, etc; what’s the most important thing to do next?” Or “I need some quick tips for improving my family’s immunity” Or “How can I lose weight when nothing is working?Book session now


Add value to your project, site or workshop.

Christa has helped entrepreneurs and corporations with online course development, educational materials and creating articles or content for specific audiences to drive SEO and serve clients.

She has several speaking topics to choose from including marketing for healthcare professionals, clinical implications of stress, nutritional strategies for managing skin conditions, “ketovangelism” high fat low carb diet uses, functional approaches to reversing digestive symptoms and improving immune function.

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Tools I Use

Labs allow us to create a custom approach and fast track your healing. Depending on your specific needs, I may recommend some lab work, either with your provider or that I can help coordinate. I regularly review and give evidence-based implementation strategies for food sensitivities (please discuss with me before ordering your own test), micronutrient testing (we can infer a lot from these patterns), genetic data, lipid or comprehensive blood panel, gold standard hormone testing and pathogen testing. Interpretation is included when you become a client.


Because governance around supplements is based on company integrity, you want to know which companies have the most integrity. There’s a big difference in taking something carefully formulated without fillers than there is with heavy metals from the big box store, near expiration or fake supplements from Amazon. That’s why my clients get their high quality supplements from a professional dispensary.

And now I’m extending that option to you. Introducing Fullscript--where you can find everything in one place, at a discount and with peace of mind you’re getting exactly what it says you’re getting. Fullscript carries over 23K products and 450 different brands for humans and pets, including supplements, creams, and some food items, like greens or protein powders.

By ordering from my Fullscript store, I know you’re getting better products and am passing on my discount to you.

All orders will receive:
-15% discount
-Free shipping over $50; express shipping an additional $4.95

If you need help with recommendations, feel free to book a Pick My Brain session!


Are you in the right place?

  • If dealing with IBS-C or D is just getting old and you’d be much happier with consistent GI and bowel habits.
  • If you’re ready to take your auto-immune issue by the horns and kick thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis or one of the other issues on the AI spectrum, especially if AIP hasn’t totally resolved your issue…
  • If you’ve got joint or muscle pain, headaches or migraines that completely ruin days at a time and get in the way of thinking clearly.
  • If you’ve made some food changes in the past and they worked for a while, but now it seems like nothing is working and you can’t pinpoint the problem.
  • If you’ve got brain fog (what did you say??), food cravings, skin issues.
  • If you’re ready to stop feeling deprived or counting calories when you want to lose weight and take back control of your hormones.
  • If you want to know more about reducing inflammation, hacking your genetics, minimizing gut permeability and supercharging how you feel.
  • If you’re ready to stop putting a bandaid on the problem and finally get to the root cause or stressor.

Other ways you can connect with me:

Email inquiries to [email protected]