Finally feel your best...

Overcome digestive, skin, fatigue, hormonal, autoimmune & inflammatory symptoms using proven nutritional therapies that look at you as a whole person instead of a number.

"Working with Christa was the first time I found someone who would dive into this with me and stick with it to FIX THE PROBLEM--and not just a diagnosis or a food sensitivity test. She investigates well and makes sure the solution fits with your lifestyle and that you still enjoy food."

- Amanda
IBS, migraine and sinus/allergy client

So you’re dealing with...

  • fatigue
  • irregular digestion 
  • skin problems
  • sleep
  • hormone “stuff.”
  • inflammation or 
  • excessive allergy-type symptoms.
….Perhaps you've identified some issues with foods or even been diagnosed as Celiac but skipping gluten has NOT eliminated all of your symptoms. 
Maybe test results have seemed unremarkable and trying to be the project manager of your own health is getting really old
The options you’ve been given or have tried are inadequate or simply don’t feel right...
Ranging from inexpensive bandaids like: 
  • steroids
  • antihistamines
  • antacids
  • birth control
To expensive biologic drugs or procedures to “it’s all in your head” to “you could do nothing."

You deserve to be heard. 

There is nothing more frustrating than being told things are "normal" when YOU KNOW they don’t feel normal. 
You’re over the gas, bloating, fatigue, diarrhea or constipation, sleep interruptions, rashy skin and mood swings and wish you knew what to do to get back to normal.  
If you’re sick of jumping from provider to specialist without real progress on your digestive, skin, inflammatory or hormonal issues….
….And you’re ready to stop the never ending slog of appointments that are feeling redundant where your concerns are ignored or downplayed...

You're in the right place. 

It’s time determine root causes and execute a solid plan that will rebuild your foundation of health so you can get older without feeling older. It’s time to have data and a strategy so you don’t have to avoid dozens of foods forever, change into stretchy pants by the end of the day, be embarrassed by gas and bloating, have interrupted sleep or carry around hydrocortisone cream. 

It’s time to KNOW and UNDERSTAND what is wrong so you can fix it.

When you learn how to correct your own issue, often it has a ripple effect on those you care for and love around you. 


“Smart people” that don’t want to settle or live with all the symptoms associated with: 

  • IBS or irregular bowels
  • IBD— Colitis or Crohn’s
  • Eczema, acne & psoriasis
  • PCOS & hormonal imbalances + optimizing fertility 
  • Celiac diagnoses that still don’t feel “great” after eliminating gluten  
  • Food allergies & sensitivities
  • Autoimmunity
  • “Mystery illness” especially those that encompass digestion
Many clients come to my practice after seeing other providers but are still looking for answers.

We commonly see those that have DIY’d their food situation with experiments like AIP, GAPS, Whole30, muscle testing, etc.—not because there wasn’t some success with making changes but because they want a more definitive, customized plan based on their own biochemistry & gold standard testing.

They want to see the “end point” of ever changing supplement regimens that leave them with a cupboard of half empty bottles. 

HOW WE HELP people overcome digestive, skin, inflammatory & hormonal symptoms:

By using a proven framework customized to your unique symptoms and history, you can finally UNDERSTAND all the pieces that go into resolving symptoms so you don’t have to keep coming back after this foundation is solid. 


Fast Track to Fabulous


An intro consult helps determine in-depth lab work that might be missing from your history that will help you shortcut the healing process. 

Skip the guesswork and get quicker results by figuring out the root causes from the beginning. (Check out the free training that goes over root causes)

Just as a sprain or broken bone need ice, wrapping and casting for a prescribed length of time to heal faster, we use therapeutic (READ: effective) doses of evidence-based supplementation to more quickly address imbalances from Step 1.

There's plenty of guidance on timelines & what to expect. 

Like an injury, we teach you how to rehabilitate your gut, skin and support key organs under stress. We give you a long term plan so you know how to continue healing without a mega-strict diet or never-ending supplement regimen once damage is repaired.  

Some want to uplevel and work on improving other things like family health, mental clarity, immunity, etc because they are feeling so much better. 

Imagine what happens when you ignore symptoms.... Limping through life becomes your normal and soon other body parts also start collapsing.

To be honest, there are a LOT of people limping through life. 
The difference between those people and you're a smart cookie and you know better. 
It’s human nature to let ourselves hit the bottom before we do something about it, often because we're so busy caring for others. 
It's NOT your fault. The world is full of "perfect storms" (genetics + environment + medication side effects + more) that cumulate & might cause issues for you, but not for someone else. know that you can’t (& won't!) accept getting worse, which is exactly what you're afraid will happen if you let this simmer any longer. 

In this practice, we’ve had a high percentage of clients that work in healthcare at any given time—nurses, dietitians, massage therapists or some sort of other provider—NP/PA or doctor of Chiropractic, Optometry, Dentistry, Physical Therapy in addition to savvy moms and busy professionals. The common denominator is that these people KNOW that there must be a better option than what they’ve been given so far.  And usually no matter what the issue, there is a better solution and you probably haven’t tried everything yet, even if it feels like it. 

"As a Registered Nurse, I have always considered myself pretty ‘well’ medically. I had even become a health and wellness coach and really learned about how to heal my body with food, but then I hit a wall. I felt like the healthy choices I thought I was making for myself had me spinning on a hamster wheel of fatigue, body aches, puffiness, and weight gain. Even more bizarre, I noticed symptoms with my husband such a constant stuffiness and an odd smell in his nasal cavity. When I started working with Christa and I had the MRT testing done (as a nurse, I had never heard of this) and found that all of the foods that I thought were serving me and that I consumed all the time were the most problematic. Christa used easy to understand analogies to explain that the reason the common foods I consumed (which I thought were healthy) were in fact inflammatory for me – due to a breakdown in my gut lining. I also had a stool test done (again, never knew of this option as a nurse, nor had ever seen a physician order such a test) which was positive for H. Pylori and bacterial imbalances. My first thought was – I am a health and fitness coach – if I thought my health was in ‘good shape’ what does the health of most Americans feel/look like? Christa recommended supplements and dietary changes which benefited me by increasing my energy and focus and decreasing my aches, pains, reflux, and bloating I had been constantly battling. Since I had H. Pylori she even recommended my husband be treated and amazingly enough the odd smell in his nares went away and he admitted to having more energy. The most impressive thing about working with Christa is the wealth of experience and knowledge she has about finding the missing links and treating people naturally vs. just going to your family practice physician and getting the run around of being placed on yet another antibiotic for vague symptoms – which in turn decreases your immunity and breaks down the gut lining. As a health care professional, it pains me to see the way western medicine treatments continually fail and make us sicker. I hope that practitioners like Christa continue to treat others and share their expertise so that people become more aware of listening to their bodies and participating in holistic healthcare."

- Helen
Registered Nurse

How we’re different:

People are used to going to a provider when they feel like it. 
They might walk out with prescriptions or hundreds of dollars in supplements…..and then go back when they feel like it. They might skip a needed visit to save a few bucks or just get lost to follow up completely. This sabotages results
The most important thing when you become a client is that we agree on your expected results, the methods we’ll use to attain them and that you understand the steps to take to get there. 
We don’t want you skipping out on any needed rehab to get that "hypothetical ankle" in its best shape….so we follow you to resolution, tweaking for improvement along the way. We don’t want you “lost to follow up” which is why we always have an intro call to help customize a plan and program to best fit your needs, so you understand the plan before you invest any time or money into doing something. 
This means we work with committed individuals that want a significant improvement in they way they look and feel. 

Our clients know that their symptoms didn’t appear overnight and are willing to correct them the right way for lasting benefit. 


Our mission in working together: 

  1. UNDERSTANDING exactly what is out of balance and how to resolve it. (No more guessing!) 
  2. GRADUATING WITH KNOWLEDGE on how to feel your best so you don’t need to keep coming back forever and ever. (Our goal is to teach you what we know!)
  3. REDUCING SYMPTOMS overall of at least 50%+. This really depends on each person, mindset, tenacity and willingness to implement and excavate deep rooted issues that have been festering.  
*For a realistic assessment, we feel that talking through your personal case on the introductory call is imperative to mapping out a tailored success plan.
**Ultimate outcomes are largely related to mindset and its our goal that you understand every stop of your custom plan and how it gets you to the results we both want for you. We’re not magicians but we do have a track record of success for these issues and will be very upfront about the difficulty of your case, which may impact level and speed of improvement.  
We wish all healthcare followed this model so you didn’t have to piece meal things together and spend 4x as long looking for results!

More about the intro call: 

It’s hard to assemble your own care plan or be your own client often because you’re doing it for the first time. You might be missing the right lab data and expertise that could quickly fast track your improvement.
Don’t drag this out for years. It’s not fair to you and your family if you can efficiently and effectively improve and resolve all of these symptoms that are inevitably related. Your body is WAY TOO SMART. 
Discuss your case now and get tangible takeaways. 


Depending on case and discussed in intro call based on your personal history:

+ Blood test to assess 30+ different vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, etc. to find symptom root causes like fatigue, cravings, aches, pains and patterns that relate to stress, mood/anxiety, gut/hormone imbalances and skin issues.

+ Who it’s good for: Anyone getting older (hello gift for your parents!), history of stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, blood sugar imbalances, skin problems, tingling/numbness in hands/feet, weak immunity, digestive issues (Celiac, IBD, IBS, SIBO), long term prescription medication use, athletes, vegetarians/vegans, weight loss resistance, brain fog, and autoimmunity.

+ How it’s different: You might be able to get Vit B12 and D3 drawn at your standard medical appointment. While these are essential/great tests, they are not routinely run. We are constantly medicating and “dealing with” symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. Using a comprehensive nutrient tests gives you a “pulse” on your overall health because we can draw conclusions from different deficiency patterns.

+ How it works: We connect you with a lab to draw blood and the test is express shipped back to the lab (shipping included in test price). Results are ready in about 3 weeks and we review in the appropriate place in your program and make a game plan to address the ROOT causes of the nutrient deficiencies and borderline deficiencies so you don’t have to take supplements forever to correct the problem. We also make sure you take an EFFECTIVE dose of a high quality form of the nutrient so you aren’t just pouring money down the drain and not making a dent in the problem.

+ Where do I start? Micronutrient testing is available for both premium 1-on-1 coaching clients (available only via intro call) or as an ala carte testing option you can purchase here. Please note the ala carte package includes interpretation and one follow up visit, but not the cost of the test.

+ Stool test that provides insight on bacteria, fungal and other gut imbalances + intestinal health markers (inflammation, immune response, etc) to address root causes of bloating, skin issues, gas, heartburn, irregular bowels, reflux, brain fog, anxiety, etc.

+ Who it’s good for: Anyone experiencing symptoms including bloating, skin issues, gas, heartburn, reflux, brain fog, anxiety, digestive issues (Celiac, IBD, IBS, SIBO, constipation, diarrhea, irregularity, abdominal pain), etc.

+ How it’s different: There are a wide variety of stool tests on the market using different methods of determining and quantifying microbes present in one’s gut. Choosing the correct method makes a significant difference in the quality of your test results and treatment protocols. The higher the accuracy and quantification using qPCR technology, the better bang for your buck and your overall health benefits! We only use the test that gives us the best possible results.

+ How it works: An at-home stool kit is shipped to your home where you will follow package instructions to complete. The test must then be express shipped back to the lab (shipping included in test price). Results are ready in about 3 weeks and we review in the appropriate place in your program and make a game plan to address the ROOT causes of your microbial imbalances so you don’t have to restrict your diet or take supplements forever to correct the problem. We also make sure you take an EFFECTIVE dose of a high quality supplement so you aren’t just pouring money down the drain and not making a dent in the problem.

+ Where do I start? Gut testing is currently available for premium 1-on-1 coaching clients (available only via intro call) due to variables and adjustments needed in protocols over a few months. This ensures we get the best results.

+ Dried urine test to assess comprehensive hormone metabolism of sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) + adrenal axis/cortisol + organic acids (for a few nutrients and neurotransmitters).

+ Who it’s good for: Any woman suspecting she has imbalanced hormones. She is experiencing symptoms such as fatigue/exhaustion, anxiety, depression, period problems such as no cycle or heavy flow, clotting, period pain, etc. - breast tenderness, hair loss in wanted places, hair growth in unwanted places, etc. Any woman whose family has a history of breast or cervical cancer.

+ How it’s different: You might be able to get some hormone markers drawn at your standard lab, but analyzing your hormones is more complex than just one marker drawn at one random time. As hormones change throughout the course of your cycle and even throughout the course of your day, timing is key. We make sure you test at the appropriate time in relation to your cycle so we can use your results and compare to the correct reference ranges. Dried urine testing (research study on this assessment method: is able to assess hormones along with their metabolites to help you get a better picture at understanding your signs and symptoms. 

+ How it works: An at-home dried urine kit is shipped to your home where you will follow package instructions to complete at the appropriate time in your cycle. The test must then be express shipped back to the lab (shipping included in test price). Results are ready in about 3 weeks and we review in the appropriate place in your program and make a game plan to address the ROOT causes of your hormonal imbalances. 

+ Where do I start?: Hormone testing is available in premium 1-on-1 coaching clients (available only via intro call) or as an ala carte testing option you can purchase here. Because hormones are influenced by gut health and other markers, I often address those issues in 1:1 clients to influence and improve hormones before adding this test. 

+ Food sensitivity test that looks at your body’s immune response to 170 different foods and food chemicals.

+ Who it’s good for: Anyone experiencing inflammation, digestive issues, food sensitivities, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, etc.

+ How it’s different: A patented blood test panel quantifies your body’s inflammatory markers in reaction to foods, additives, and chemicals. These markers that then trigger your symptoms can be easily pin-pointed. Foods/additives/chemicals are quantified to help you know which foods are your “safe foods” that you can currently consume without provoking your symptoms while also informing you of which foods are contributing to your symptoms and how to best go about addressing them in your diet.

+ How it works: A test kit is shipped to your home. We connect you with a lab to draw blood and the test is express shipped back to the lab (shipping included in test price). Results are reviewed in the appropriate place in your program and we then layer in other interventions so you don’t have to have a long term restricted diet. 

+ Where do I start?: Food sensitivity testing is currently available in my premium 1-on-1 coaching clients (available only via intro call). This testing is not recommended for those with a history of disordered eating or food relationship problems. Overall, this testing is optional and we discuss the utility and potential benefit in our introductory call.

More on this podcast episode about pros/cons:

Other functional testing is available, but the above are commonly used to achieve remarkable results for clients. In the introductory call, sometimes we will discuss the need for an iron panel, complete thyroid panel and other options. Our goal is not to over test, although we have a robust menu of testing in the toolbox as needed and relevant to individual cases.

95% of people get the BEST results from a comprehensive program where we….
Hands-down, 98% of people get the BEST RESULTS with the accountability, regular follow ups, lab testing, between session support and guidance from a comprehensive program.

The majority of our clients choose this option and the purpose of the introductory call is to identify gaps in the current approach and make a plan for how to overcome symptoms.

That said, micronutrient and hormone testing are available as a la carte testing and interpretation options:  

Schedule Intro Consult

More Info

More Info



90% of the work from this practice is working with clients in a capacity that empowers them to build a solid foundation and graduation with knowledge and skills to fix their health. However, some times it’s not a fit to work together in a comprehensive capacity. For that reason, anyone can book an ala carte appointment, which is essentially a Q&A without a thorough case history.

An ala carte appoint is a good fit for: 
+ Someone not interested in working together comprehensively for symptom reduction but wanting a second opinion on his or her case. 
+ Someone wanting one session to get some take away ideas on what he or she can do to start improving symptoms, even if complete root cause isn't addressed. 
+ A past client that wants a follow up session. 

Becoming a practice or program client where we are working toward specific results requires application via the intro call. If you don’t know where to start, an intro call is your best bet.


Pick My Brain Calls

For practitioners looking for mentorship or a second set of eyes on their tough cases (such as skin or candida/bacterial imbalances, we offer mentoring via a la carte appointments. 

Referral/Affiliate Program: 

We appreciate that most clients come to the practice via referral from current clients or other health professionals. 
We would love to thank you for your referrals. If you would like to be officially added to our referral/affiliate program list, please send a request to [email protected]

"Since being diagnosed with MS everyone has told me to reduce my stress with very little suggestion on how to do so. Christa has helped me explore many options to find what's best for me. I feel I have a better handle on my stress than I ever have. Another huge improvement is having regular BM. Before working with Christa I would have 1 BM every 3-4 days. Now I go every day. I also feel the knowledge I've gained makes me empowered to take charge of my health."

- Leigh
Interior Designer, age 30

"I sought Christa out after hearing her on a podcast for skin breakouts and general tiredness. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was all the time until I wasn’t! I finally feel like someone understood what was happening to me and wasn’t just going to slap a cream on it or offer an anti depressant. Christa offers a comprehensive, whole approach and will honestly tell you what she can or cannot do to help. As a result, I have a ton more energy, have lost a bit of weight and my skin is SO much clearer. "

- Allison

"Before working together, I had upset stomach, bloating, fatigue, constipation, acne. I found out I was reacting to specific foods and how improve these sensitivities. The micronutrient testing was also very interesting. Christa is a great teacher and she is quite knowledgable. She can explain things in a matter that is understandable."

Nurse Practitioner

"Even after trying Whole30 with my husband, I still battled fatigue, metabolic syndrome and PCOS. I would go days between bowel movements and no provider ever addressed this. I found by working with Christa that I had digestive imbalances that related to my hormone imbalances. I now have no heartburn, my sinus congestion has improved, periods are normal and working toward optimizing my health for pregnancy. "

- A.M.
Engineer, 83% reduction in symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions

HSA, FSA and payment plans are available. After services have been rendered, you can request a medical superbill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement if they cover Registered Dietitian services. Health sharing co-ops/plans seem to reimburse as well. Some labs do accept insurance and that can be explained in intro call.

Other ways you can connect with me:

Email inquiries to [email protected]