The Case Study Mastermind is a 12-week, high-touch experience for new or experienced practitioners in private practice that want to ACCELERATE their CLINICAL CONFIDENCE to massively improve client outcomes.  



Have you ever doubted your approach to a client case? 

Or felt like you weren’t qualified or “educated enough” for full time private practice? 

Do you think you need a certification to prove your worth?  

Are you nervous about getting clients? 

Or ever felt unsure about your value or what protocol to use for X vs Y vs Z? 

Let’s be real...

We could scroll through Instagram and see ads for five business coaches, but are any of them actually teaching you how to successfully crush it as a practitioner? 

Or at the end of their pitch are you still left scratching your head on how to effectively package your services and carry out the most effective treatment plan for RESULTS? 


The Case Study Mastermind helps increase CLINICAL CONFIDENCE to ACCELERATE your practice growth and success.  

Next Mastermind begins WINTER 2020!

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Clinical confidence empowers you to know EXACTLY what kind of outcomes you can expect for different clients.

As a result, your clients have more confidence and trust to carry out your protocols. 

The Case Study Mastermind is for you if: 

  • You don’t have time for ANOTHER online course or to watch a million hours of video when your clients need results RIGHT NOW.
  • You need CLEAR protocols and best practices for how to manage clients so you can fast track to business success without having to use your clients for trial and error for the next couple years while you figure this out.
  • You want biz besties: You know the power of surrounding yourself with bright, ambitious women that have your back to support your goals and dreams.

Next Mastermind begins WInter 2020!


Masterminds work best when members or practitioners have similar goals, which is why a discovery call is required before joining the Mastermind to ensure it’s a great fit for everyone, AKA worth your time and investment! 

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I. Business

There are PLENTY of biz coaches out there and this mastermind is NOT meant to replace them. However, many business coaches can’t tell you exactly how to reduce your client onboarding time by 80% or how to determine what tests a client needs during an intro call.

That’s why we go through:
  • Overview and logistics of a highly effective program
  • Optimizing on boarding and off boarding clients + maximizing the overall client experience
  • How to save time charting and setting up client expectations so your business doesn’t run your life
  • Business Blueprint: review of income generation and systems + an inside look at how I 10x'd my practice in just a few years

II. Testing and interpretation

  • How to review commonly used tests in functional medicine, including micronutrient, hormone, stool and food testing options
    • We spent 2-3 weeks on each testing option to deep dive into different approaches and results, giving you a shortcut to the things that took me years to understand
  • Recommendation guide or “cheat sheet" for common conditions and each testing option

III. Case studies and mentorship

  • Case studies of actual clients, including lab results, interventions used and outcomes
  • Time to share your own test results for another set of eyes on your business  and protocol approach 

You get the clinical research and theories when you go to conferences—but in the Case Study Mastermind you get clinical APPLICATION

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