It's time to reclaim your energy and support your productivity with

RESILIENCE RESET: A 4-part adrenal workshop to promote productivity and hormone harmony

What's included in the workshop?

  • Live Class together every Friday at 12pm MT in March (replay and feedback available) so that you have the accountability to take the time you deserve to improve your energy and productivity

  • The quick science of the brain-adrenal axis to best support it for the best sleep, recovery & performance. 

  • Simple (practically free) stress-reduction strategies that can help take you from wired and tired to calm & clear. 

  • My 3-prong protocol for adrenal exhaustion & simpler tools for direct adrenal support when you’re in unavoidable times of high stress to prevent major burnout. 

  • My go-to's for sustained energy so you aren’t relying on coffee or stimulants to get your work done.

What will we cover in this workshop?

  • Week 1 Cortisol Correction: To restore or rock your stress resilience, you’ve got to get your rhythm right! In this session, we’ll be covering your favorite stress hormone, CORTISOL 101 and how to make it your b*tch. Just kidding….we’re going to set you up for better sleep & feeling rested upon waking. Because sweet dreams = happy hormones.

  • Week 2 Support Your Stage of Stress: Let’s face it, we all have stress. But we’re not all in the same stage of “burnout” or adrenal stress. Some of us just need to know how to support our resilience reserves when stress is headed our way! There is some no-brainer support anyone can do. There is “Big Kahuna” support for those that really need to get their stress response back online after years of abuse (oh hey, night shift!). And then there are little things all of us need in our back pocket for “as needed” acute stressors, like packing the fam for vacation or preparing for the holidays or another deadline. I’m peeling back the curtains in my medicine cabinet to show you exactly what you need in every scenario from energy upgrade to autoimmune.

  • Week 3 I’m Sorry For What I Said When I was Hangry: Did you know your stress response directly affects your hanger (hungry + angry)? Just say no to hanger AND blood sugar imbalance. This week we’ll cover smart systems for balanced blood sugar, nutrient deficiency patterns your doctor doesn’t even know about and other sneaky solutions for better blood sugar, because everyone needs it.

  • Week 4 Hormone Dance: Did you know your hormones can do the tango? When one goes up, sometimes another goes down. In this session we’ll talk hormones 101 and how your potentially poor stress response was sabotaging them into imbalance. Luckily you’re already on your way to more resilient stress hormone balance after everything you’ve applied from Week 2! This is where we talk about thriving vs surviving.


1. Prioritizing your perfect day & other simplified stress squashing systems

2. Brain love for endurance, productivity & seriously happier hormones

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Pay in full $297!
Two payments of $165!