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podcast Jul 18, 2017

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Welcome to The Less Stressed Life, where it's all about making this YOUR time to feel freakin' awesome about your life, health and happiness. Today, learn about the inspiration origin of the stress and how we all have underlying inflammation we we should quell. You'll learn a little about the host, Christa Biegler, an integrative registered dietitian nutritionist and what that title means to her in experiences. 

Robert Kenny said, Some people look at things and ask “Why?”

Some people look at how things could be and ask “Why not?”

The Less Stressed Life: Why not??

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Hey hey hey! It’s Christa.

Let’s get to know each other and the Less Stressed Life so you can know what to expect, what you’ll find here and if and how it’s worth your time. 

So, you heard it from Mack, the epic podcast voiceover talent—I’m an integrative dietitian nutritionist—what the heck is that anyway?

Basically, it’s someone that wasn’t going to settle for okay and wanted more. In short, I practiced the way I was taught for years until discontent built up because I wanted more. I was experimenting constantly with food and health and having some successes and some fails. 

One of the major things I’d experimented with was reducing inflammation.

What is inflammation? it lives in all of us. It’s the “ ‘it is” at the end of a sentence. The stubbed toe, the arthritis, the swelling, the pain, the bloating, the digestive irregularity, it’s so many things.

It’s heart disease, it’s diabetes, it’s feeling freaking exhausted and not being able to get up in the morning alive and refreshed. It’s brain fog. It’s cravings. It’s the stuff we “deal” with. We shouldn’t, but we consider it normal.

It’s a friend and an enemy—it naturally occurs.

And the more I learned abut inflammation and everything it did to us, the more intrigued I was. I was voracious.

I learned from the Gallup strengths survey that I took twice, once early in college and once at the end, that my strengths overlapped both times. I'm a collector of information, a strategist and a woo'er. That proves validity, I guess. 

And honestly, the The Stressed Life wasn’t my first choice—at all. I don’t think of myself as an “unstressed” or a “over stressed” person, even though I have overdone the hustle a few times. Oh hey, HPA dysregulation. 

So WHY? I’ll you tell you why. Last year, I did a lot of live video on my Facebook page. It was a little mix of motivation, food recipes, and some health background. The thing about Facebook or any business form of social media and even your website is that you get to see analytics—data that tells you # of views, gender, ages of people watching. And obviously I was able to see who watched IF they liked or commented on my videos.

And I learned something: The only people that gave a crap about inflammation were those that already knew about it.

But I wanted to help MORE people, especially the ones that didn't even know about inflammation yet. 

I'm also a strategist. — I LOVE cataloging the information into a linear plan, a useable format and breaking it down to be digestible Love love love that.

I collect and connect people to information and that’s what I’m here to do for you.

To bring you inspiration, tell you stories, make your life BETTER.

Yeah, obviously it’s infused with health, but one of our first guests, Jess explains that without health, the rest of life is more challenging to enjoy. She’s spot on and as soon as you embrace that, you get it.

So the topics of the Less Stress umbrella are vast, but they all relate to a powerful story or something that improves your life:

In our first few episodes, you’ll hear an EPIC story of someone that awoke completely debilitated with a back injury, couldn’t get off the floor and what she did to heal the pain.

You’ll hear about how sleeping helped another guest of mine lose 15 lbs.

You’ll hear about my podcast accountability partner overcoming a chronic condition by releasing himself from stress.

You’ll hear about how one busy mom keeps her cool despite many miliary moves and her advice applies to any real change in the family—even back to school time which is when that episode launches.

The  Less Stressed Life is about getting stuff done, sleep, integrative nutrition, lifestyle medicine, relationships, friendships, relaxation, life hacks and of course, kitchen ninja tricks—heck, I’m hoping to even talk about the pros and cons of barefoot running and what the heck is up with people that wear those toe shoes. Anything that helps you sit in the driver’s seat of your own happiness and less stress is fair game. And at ANY time you have a suggestion, just send me a note. [email protected] or find me online with the same name or my Fb.me/christabieglerrd

After my first year lifestyle & health coaching, I became an accidental life coach, realizing "it" is about more than just food. There's so many pieces to living our best life. I want to curate those tools and practices for you.

I consider myself an expert in inflammation, in gut health, in sensitivities of food and other stressors that prevent us from getting well and I hope to share many pearls on this journey toward a less stressed life together. Let’s do this!


Hi! I'm Christa and I’m a different kind of dietitian. I look at your ENTIRE situation and help craft a plan that is both doable and will get you the maximum results. I like to think of myself as a nutrition detective, because any ailment has a nutrition component. When you’re running low on gas (fatigue) or your body is breaking down (aches and pains), something is missing. And it starts with what’s going in your mouth.

Think about it….in the same way taking a medication by mouth has an effect on you, the other things (read: foods & nutrients) you put in your mouth have an even a bigger effect on you.

If you’re skeptical, look at my compliments page.

I effectively help people reduce symptoms and reverse inflammatory conditions with individualized treatment plans. 

This gets to the root of the issue faster and prevents scratching your head about it for years, or worse--thinking it's normal!