A la Carte Hormone Testing

I'm here to help women be heard with their signs and symptoms. I want you to better understand your body! One way to do this is by getting your hormones tested and getting to the root cause of the symptoms you're experiencing.


+ Who it’s good for?: Any woman experiencing symptoms that conventional testing has yet to understand or suspecting she has imbalanced hormones. If you’ve ever experienced symptoms such as fatigue/exhaustion, anxiety, depression, period problems - no cycle or heavy flow, clotting, period pain, etc. - breast tenderness, acne, hair loss in wanted places, hair growth in unwanted places, etc. Any woman whose family has a history of breast or cervical cancer.


Roles of Hormones:

  1. Regulating menstrual cycle
  2. Protecting bone and cardiovascular health
  3. Regulating the body’s stress response
  4. Growing breasts
  5. Lubricating the vaginal wall
  6. Promoting serotonin production
  7. and more!


+ What test is used?: Dried urine test to assess comprehensive hormone and hormone metabolites’ statuses.

+ How it’s different: You might be able to get some hormone markers drawn at your standard lab, but analyzing your hormones is more complex than just one marker drawn at one random time. As hormones change throughout the course of your cycle and even throughout the course of your day, timing for testing is key. We make sure you test at the appropriate time in relation to your cycle so we can use your results and compare to the correct reference ranges. Dried urine testing (research study on this assessment method: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s13065-019-0539-1) is able to assess hormones along with their metabolites to help you get a better picture at understanding your signs and symptoms. 


Hormones, Metabolites, and Organic Acids tested:

  1. Estrogen--the different forms and its metabolism (where is it getting “stuck” to cause symptoms) 
  2. Progesterone and its metabolites
  3. Androgens (which includes testosterone) & their metabolites
  4. Cortisol and cortisone (which includes daily free patterns) + long term cortisol to assess for reasons why you might not recover, heal or have any energy. 
  5. Melatonin
  6. Organic acids for: dopamine, norepinephrine/epinephrine, vitamins B12 and B6, and glutathione


+ How it works: You’ll book my hormone a la carte testing option. Then you will set up your initial symptom consult to find out what kind of answers you’re looking for from the hormone test as well as get your hormone story. In the meantime, an at-home dried urine kit will be shipped to your home where you will follow package instructions to complete at the appropriate time in your cycle. You will then express ship your test back to the lab. Results will be ready in approximately 3 weeks + timing it correctly with your cycle. Then we’ll set up a follow-up appointment to review your results and make a game plan to address the ROOT cause(s) of your hormonal imbalances.

***If you do not have a menstrual bleed, then you will do ovulation strips to determine if there is ovulation for up to 2 months. If you are on HORMONAL birth control, usually we do not recommend this test unless you are looking for adrenal status and still have heavy bleeding regardless of birth control. Birth control depresses estrogen and progesterone so you will not get accurate results while taking hormonal birth control. If you are experiencing symptoms of estrogen excess, then it still may be worthwhile to test because we can still support estrogen going down less dangerous/proper pathways. 


4 Pillars of Hormone Balance we focus on:

  1. Blood sugar balance 
  2. Micronutrients 
  3. Stress 
  4. Gut imbalances


+ Where do I start?: Book your a la carte testing option here, then set up your initial symptom consult by requesting a time in the portal.


Want to view a sample report? Click here. 


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